Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Malays are a danger to themselves!

For the Malays, by all accounts, by any criteria you may wish to use, be it demographics, politics or economic, by reason of faith, logic or rationale,this era that the Malays now live in, should be the times of our greatest triumph and achievements. O you Malays....look around you and you will see no discernible threats to our political and economic place in Malaysia, no viable opposition to our place in government in the economy and certainly nothing remotely of any danger to our position as the Tuan of all that we survey.

No threats whatsoever....EXCEPT FROM OTHER MALAYS!

Ironic is it not? The Malays are a danger to themselves! 

If anyone can topple the Malay dominated government, it will be the Malays themselves. If anyone is to put in place an independent and open Judiciary to dispense justice, it will be the Malays themselves. The whole government machinery, the Armed Forces, the Police, the religious authorities who are hell bent on propagating the teachings of ALLAH (as the Malays sees it!)  - all of them tainted to accommodate, nay even encourage some Malays to advance their personal and political agenda in their own interest  - all of this can only be changed by the Malays for only the Malays has the numbers that can be manifested into the political will to make it all happen.

So are the Malays at war with one another? Are the Malays being goaded by the Chinese, the Indians and the people of Sabah and Sarawak to go for each others throats and in the process abrogate their political dominance over the others and thus allow the others to gain government over Malaysia and over the Malays?

Those questions are now on the minds of many Malays. On the minds of too many Malays! It is the Malays that now dominate government and it is also the Malays who now lead the opposition. What Is done in government and where the opposition will go will be decided by Malays. 

And as a Malay I am concerned, conflicted, confused and troubled. 

All this I am, not for myself, not for the Malays....I am concerned, conflicted, confused and troubled for my Malaysia. For the people who call Malaysia their home For the many faiths that many Malaysians believe in that are now under threat from the Malays - including, if I may add, Islam itself. For the Malaysian who are without any faith too. For everyone who still call Malaysia home no matter where they are now. It is for all these people I am concerned, conflicted, confused and troubled. And so must you.

And there are enough Malays who are concerned, conflicted, confused and troubled at the state of our nation today...enough of them to make a difference? Are there enough Malays who worry about how the Malays are to survive in the decades to come, not only as Malays but as part of a nation where, by their sheer numbers and presence, the Malays should lead and do not...enough Malays to also make a difference to this?

I have asked all these questions as a prelude to what I intend to write about in these next week or so. I want to write about why our Malay leaders who are all powerful, with very large armies at their disposals and with billions in their deep pockets - why do they not understand that with power comes great responsibility?

I want to write about why, when fate, providence and the votes of the rural electorates have put many Malays in high public office, why are these Malay leaders not smart enough to understand that the spoils of political and public office are best ignored if not to be avoided all together for greed and avarice are for thieves, robbers and the dregs of society...not for ministers, prime ministers and those who hold public office.

And sadly, all these people I want to write about, are Malays. 

to be continued.