Tuesday, 21 March 2017

So now they are killing Pastors?

Two pastor have gone missing and PDRM does not care a damm. This umno led bn government does not care a damm. The prime minister? He has more pressing things on his mind - like how to ensure his political survival in an increasing fragile, hostile, threatening and dangerous political vacuum where justice and civil liberties have been upended to be replaced by the rule of politicians wholly focused on the pursuit of material wealth.  

Who then cares a damm? Certainly not the authorities! 

The people responsible for the disappearance of these two pastors now know that they are a law upon themselves able to impose their odious will upon the populace at will  - especially upon those Christians they think are a threat to whatever part of Islam these people believe in. 

Having succeed twice be assured that they will be embolden to to do more....not only to Christians but to whoever they think are a threat to their own convoluted and narrow beliefs. We have within our midst, a group of vigilante religious deviants, well organised, well funded and certainly well ignored by the authorities who would prefer to keep one eye close and one eye shut to the activities of these zealots despite them being a danger to all Malaysians. 

Today it is Christian Pastors...who knows who else are on their list? Other Malays/Muslims who are not supporters of PAS. Other Malays/Musims who are against umno? Take it from one is safe! We know not who their next intended victim will be.

Your guess is as good as mine....but be rest assured that murder by design  - religious design - has started in Malaysia and where it will go and where it will all end augers ill for our nation, our people and our future! So help me God! 

Police say complainant unable to provide pastor Joshua's car plate number or address.