Monday, 10 April 2017


KUALA LUMPUR: Another activist is feared to have gone missing, some two months after the mysterious disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh.

These sort of things happen in Tin Pot Alley African countries where despots and dictators rules. It happens in countries where it serves the purpose of the government of the day for people who are a "problem" to that government, to disappear. How these people disappear at times without a trace, at times mysteriously and at times in broad daylight under questionable circumstances that smacks of well organised kidnapping done with precision and practise by para military forces is now a matter of concern to many Malaysians...but not it this bn government that is now in Putrajaya.


Why are these disappearances of no interest to the prime minister, to his dpm, to his ministers in cabinet...and to those who are tasked with managing the security and safety of the rakyat?

That "close one eye and shut the other eye" syndrome seems to inflict our law makers and law enforcers at the most opportune times...especially when it involves those whom they think are a "problem" to them. I will not go into the "how these people who have disappeared are a problem" to the powers that be.....suffice to say that the rakyat seems to be content to sit on their hands and do nothing! As most of them have done nothing to show their displeasure, disgust and contempt to all the corruption, money politics and abuse of public office that we continue to see every day that this odious bn under najib razak stays in office.  
I can only say this....these disappearance, all the corruption and abuse of public office will continue until such time as you the rakyat, will say "ENOUGH" ....and not only say "ENOUGH" but  also take that stone that you have hidden in your hand and throw that stone at those who are responsible for the tragic state of our nation today!