Wednesday, 12 April 2017

cakap cakap hishamuddin : if I know Zahid he already has plans to ensure he will be PM before the next election so that he can lead bn into the next PRU, win the election and assume the PM's position - proving to umno that he, not najib, is the right man who will turn umno's and bn battered fortune's around.

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein has been appointed as the Minister with Special Functions in the Prime Minister's Department effective on…

Minister with Special Function my foot! 

This first cousin of najib is already Defence Minister. He has the Army, Air Force and Navy already under his portfolio. Now najib is giving him another portfolio...."SPECIAL FUNCTIONS in the PRIME MINISTER DEPARTMENT"...and who is the prime minister? Hishamuddin's cousin. Interesting! 

I remember a time years back when Mahathir was PM... he had a brother in law (Tun Ismail Ali) who was Governor of Bank Negara, another brother in law (Tan Sri Hasim Ali) as Chief of the Angkatan Tentera....and yet a another brother-in-law (Ahmad Razali Mohd Ali) as the Menteri Besar of Selangor.....but there was nothing sinister in the line up. The Governor of Bank Negara and Chief of the Armed Forces were not purely political appointments then....Tun Ismail Ali and Tan Sri Hashim were deserving of the position they held.....Razali Ali may be a bit suspect but arguably it can be said that he too became MB of Selangor because had earned that position.  It was not contrived nor were the appointments made by Mahathir to bolster his position as prime minister....but it did not do Mahathir any harm to have "FAMILY" in high public office.

But what of najib?

najib is already a pariah in America, Switzerland, France, UK, Singapore and many other countries...and the latest waiting in line to beret najib, is Indonesia (because of najib's dalliance with China). 

Sure he has the ketua bahagians and war lords in umno under his thumb...and they will remain loyal to najib in as long as the dedak that has lured them to najib side, keeps on being shovelled into the trough that these umno kept ketua bahagians and war lords are feeding from.

The same goes for those low life dedak eating pariahs who are now in high public office - the AG, the IGP and that Tan(das) Sri Kelakar Speaker of Parliament...all are on najib's payroll. najib pay them and they will roll over and do tricks for najib.

What happens to those who say no to najib? You and I know where Mahathir and Mahyuddin are now. Need I say more?

Right now the chink in najib's armour is his appointment of Zahid Hamidi as his DPM. 

As usual, najib did not have the balls to appointment whom he really wanted to be watching his back for him in the DPM position...his first cousin Hishamuddin. Just so that nobody can accuse najib of nepotism he put Zahid Hamidi as DPM hoping against hope that Zahid Hamidi will take instructions from him. 

If, as Ketua Pemuda, Zahid was courageous enough to go to bat for Anwar ibrahim and hantam the then powerful Mahathir...what do you think Zahid Hamidi in now thinking about now that he is already DPM? Jangan fikir Zahid akan beri jalan kapada Hishamuddin...if I know Zahid he already has plans to ensure he will be PM before the next election so that he can lead bn into the next PRU, win the election and assume the PM's position - proving to umno that he, not najib, is the right man who will turn umno's and bn battered fortune's around.

But first Zahid must remain as DPM and ensure that there will be no challenged or obstacles in his way to the PM's post.

We all said this to each other when we first heard that najib had appointed Zahid to replace Mahyuddin as DPM....and from then on, we all knew it was not a matter of if, but when, najib will make his move to oust Zahid or, failing that, to put Hishmuddin between him and Zahid...and by doing so, have Hishamuddin deal with a Zahid who wants to be where najib now is!

You or I, or anyone else do not have to tell Zahid this. 

He has been detained under ISA but have remained loyal to umno. Somehow he has managed to crawled back into the rarified echelons of umno leaders, made himself incredibly powerful and rich in the process, and is now ready and positioned, thanks to najib, to be the head honcho in Umno and by default, PM of Malaysia. 

Now ask yourself this....will Hishamuddin be able to stop Zahid?  

Will Zahid be able to handle Hishmuddin who has been given a second portfolio to ready umno for some changes in umno upper echelon of leaders? 

Will Zahid tolerate the appointment of najib's first cousin to a position that Kem, my MCKK mate, said "more exposure to play politics with unlimited scope. Jadi midfielder on top of being defender (his current role)?" 

There are not many that najib can trust in umno today...or should I say there are not many that rosmah can trust in umno today. 

By appointing his cousin Hishamuddin to another portfolio in the prime ministers department, najib is loudly proclaiming his loss of confidence in his current deputy. Zahid's position is now undermined. najib is telling Zahid that he no longer has trust and confidence in Zahid's loyalty. 

najib's trusted circle is getting smaller.  

Zahid Hamidi should make his move NOW! PRONTO! 

Zaid no longer has the time to eat any more tempeh.  A tempeh eating Jawa against a Bugis Warrior! Interesting.  

Let the games begin!  

P.S..what of kak rosmah? Aisehman....Zahid will have rosmah for breakfast first and then go for Hisahmuddin and najib all in the same day before lunch!