Friday, 7 April 2017

cakap cakap : "merugikan Melayu"

Such is the state of our nation today under this dastardly umno led bn government under najib, that anything....anything at all....can be "spun" into "merugikan orang Melayu!" 

How low can they go? 

What about spinning "meritocracy" in education as "merugikan orange Melayu?" 

What about a system that sets minimum standards and requirements for Malaysians to enter university being condemned as "merugikan orang Melayu" 

Here is the simple truth : When education become a political tool to advance the cause of any political entity, then we all need to think carefully and with clarity as to how we want our universities to evolve. As a centre of leaning or as a tool for our politicians to use to suit their own vested interest. Enough said.