Thursday, 6 April 2017

cakap cakap...China...fikir sikit!

To date, all that najib has done in the name of government :  the cheating, the money laundering, the outright stealing from 1MDB, the donations......all this najib has done and have been able to do because of his position as president of umno and prime minister of Malaysia. All the shenanigans that he has done he has been able keep under wraps using his position as prime minister of Malaysia plus copious amounts of dedak. 

In matters that involves other countries - be it Singapore, France, Switzerland or even America - all these sovereign countries, while pursuing the cash trials resulting from the  financial mismanagement of 1MDB's money - all these countries do so through established protocols and are governed by international conventions and the laws of their own land which presumes one is innocent util proven guilty - and with money, one can delay and thwart justice for a considerable amount of time.  

With najib being the head of a sovereign nation, these countries will hesitate to take action against najib or worse, grant him immunity against any prosecution, leaving it to the legal system of najib's own nation to pursue the matter against najib...and we know that will not happen here in Malaysia.  

Not so China. 

najib thinks that he can do to China what he has done to Malaysia. 

His strategy has been to draw direct Chinese "investment" into Malaysia. If you can call the "loans that must eventually be paid" a "direct investment" by China into Malaysia. 

But China is not America.  China is not stupid. China does not buy leasehold land and China does not invest to lose money. You cheat China at your own peril. 

Let us see what happens when the ECRL has been built with that RM55 billion loan from China. 

What happens when Malaysia has to pay back that loan with the proceeds of the ECRL project? 

An ECRL project that you and I can guess will never be viable enough to even pay for the cost of running it - what more for the RM55 billion loan that China has extended to Malaysia to built it in the first place. 

By then najib will no longer be PM. By then our children will be the generation saddled with paying for the due loan. What then? Will China wait until we are able to pay or will China find  ways of making Malaysia pay?