Thursday, 6 April 2017

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What Really Happened Behind The Viral Video Of "Racist" Woman Assaulting Two Salesgirls

It definitely wasn't because she lost her bracelet.
  • By now, you've probably already seen the viral video where a woman was caught physically and verbally assaulting two shop assistants at a spectacles shop in Singapore

    • The incident, which happened at Tiong Bahru Plaza on Monday, 3 April, went viral after a video posted by Gerald Teo on Facebook racked up close to 3 million views within six hours of its posting.
  • The video showed the 45-year-old woman repeatedly hitting and yelling at the two girls. A security guard came in to calm her down, but that only seemed to agitate her further, as she continued to attack the girls and even the person behind the camera.

    • Fortunately, several passers-by came into the shop to help alleviate the intense situation and to stop her from attacking anyone else.
  • While the post did not provide any context to her explosive rage, the woman seemed to imply that she was angry because she had lost her bracelet and demanded that the shop assistants retrieve it from the backroom

    • However, her bracelet is visibly on her wrist at the beginning of the video. It fell off in the middle of the altercation, only to disappear after she walked through the backroom curtain.
      • As pointed out by netizens who have watched the viral video, her bracelet was still on her wrist when she started her tirade, only to disappear later.
  • That's not the case at all.

    • A witness who was allegedly at the scene explained in a Facebook comment that the woman had followed a female Chinese national into the shop after harassing her at a nearby train station

      • It is likely that the female Chinese national is the person behind the camera in the viral video, as she can be heard saying that she's "just a passenger" when questioned by a security guard.
    • OWNDAYS Singapore, the shop involved in the fracas, also released a statement explaining that two of its staff were assaulted because they tried to help the Chinese lady

    • The woman has since been arrested by the police, who were alerted of the incident sometime before 10.00pm. Investigations are ongoing.

      • You can watch the video here:

        • The transcript of the video is available here.