Monday, 3 April 2017


It was confirm by Malaysia's media that, Effective 1st April, Visa charges for Malaysian to India increases by 150%, from RM 189 to RM 457.
In beginning in 2015, it was around RM 160, then increase to RM 190 and now RM 457.
Who is going or travelling to India? Mostly Indians. As such Indian are the one effected by this drastic increase. Looks like Indian are the one gives problem to Indians.
This has shown that, either the India government do not want Malaysians come to India or  India wants to suck our blood. Is this Indian culture and attitude?
When ever our leader visit any country, there will be good news for Malaysia but sad to say, during our leaders who are in India now, the India government increase Visa rate for Malaysian.
What a shame for Malaysia and our leaders. This has shown, there are not interested with Malaysian and their investment in India.
Hope our leader who are India now will act on it or do some thing for Malaysia, especially Malaysia Indian. (author unknown)