Wednesday, 5 April 2017


There are perfect days in our lives which are soiled by just one person and it gives one the feeling that we don’t desire or deserve to be men- Anything else but a man!  Tasek Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahaaya, who is a former Syariah court judge has  statements attributed to him that quote ‘ some nine year old children are physically and spiritually prepared for marriage’.  The senseless and insensitive thought advocated by him is that it is permissible to accord a rapist a second chance and allow him to marry the victim. The rational that the victim is safer married than being left alone, gives one the befuddled pervasive mentality that exist in these people who have our votes. The laws and expectations of an advance civilized society are designed to prevent such depraved, destructive personal physical violence and yet we have such delusional brilliance.

Does the Datuk think that he is a impeccable wily old fox who is hot on the trot by flaunting ideas with his Syariah court credentials as a passport to express the indecipherable and indescripible? Between corruption, ignorance, arrogance and stupidity. Stupidity is the far greater offence; there is criminality in such terminal stupidity which has no cure. If there was legalisation with a death penalty we could have an undertakers office located in Parliament on convenience account. The crux of the problem and worry is that the Datuk believes in this warped stupidity. One has to really scratch, scrap, and shovel beneath a driest well in the dry valleys of the Antarctica to discover the moisture that may come once in two million years a gold standard of bottom barrel stupidity which is found in the parliament in Malaysia. This MP with his crude thoughts can make an Einstein out of a Primate. The verifiable laws and principals of reason are discredited by men with such revelation that one can’t laugh but just cringe in shame and despair.

I am utterly convinced that one rare species of a fossilized, fermented, Neanderthal  was excavated from the Tasek Gelugor area.  The amazing fact is that the corpora cavernosa was embedded with a brain and discovered in pristine incorruptible condition- not one of nature’s elements could decay, disintegrate or decompose this organ on the account that it has the ingredients of volatile combustible contaminants that has toxic impairment potential to inflict and cripple anything in nature. This MP is obviously a relic from this excavation. If there is an sanity left one would evacuate Parliament and allow this man who is a rapist hero and a victims nightmare to quietly go to some place where only males would exist. This guy will allow for legalisation to make this a paedophile’s paradise.   Let’s cut the crap, this man cannot be trusted to protect our children- He is a danger to any female, let alone a child.