Monday, 3 April 2017

Zahid Hamidi : WHEN?

The first time Zahid Hamidi came into my consciousness was when, as Ketua Pemuda, he stood up as the "berani mati" front guy for Anwar Ibrahim, and proceeded to put in his two cents worth to hantam Mahathir, 

Since then I have kept an eye on him.... (just one eye because the other one is always shut) as that is how these umno guys keep an eye on things to!  

When he was arrested under the ISA in 1998 and spent 10 days in one of His Majesty's Yang di Pertuan Agong's prison, I was one of those who waited to see what he would do upon his release. I saw that come what may, his loyalty to umno remained steadfast. Most commendable.

When he was appointed DPM, my first thought was simply this : What kind of an idiot is this najib razak to appoint someone like Zahid to be DPM if all najib wants is a stop gap measure to allow him to strengthen his hold over umno after his dismissal of Mahyuddin? To me Zahid Hamidi is not going to play second fiddle to anyone - especially to najib razak ...and now that he is DPM, there was no way najib razak can stop him from being PM if he so desired.

The question now is when does Zahid want to be president of umno and from there take for himself whatever has been the providence of past presidents of umno - of which being prime minister of Malaysia is, but just one on the list of choices he will have.

I am sure by now Zahid have already line up a number of his "berani mati" henchman to do the dastardly deed of plunging the knife into najib's back when najib is not looking....or as some joker may is actually into rosmah's back that Zahid must plunge that knife...but I am sure that Zahid will know what he has to do!  

One of your "berani mati" machai must be KJ - he of that "I want to be PM before I am 40" lofty ambitions, with that Oxfart pedigree and a father in law who was once PM and president of umno. Zahid watch your back with this guy.... 

And the other has to be Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, a fellow countrymen from Perak...from Pasir Salak no less - almost a neighbour...and one that can be counted upon to "berani mati" for anybody just as long as the spoils for doing so is lucrative enough!

If you have these two on your are doubly blessed. The three of you are enough to do what ever it is you want to do to najib and spouse. 

The question that you now have to answer for yourself is WHEN?