Wednesday, 2 September 2015

cakap cakap....we could do with a little more help.

These last few months have been difficult.....physically and mentally stressful for me. 

I have made a decision to care for my wife who is ill with dementia in our home because for me there really is no other option I would consider. 

Her month long stay in St Vincent have made me become aware of how great that responsibility will be physically and financially because her condition requires 24/7 care - one that is usually available only in St Vincent. To have the same facilities in our home would require money that I do not have - in total over Aud$7000. That was why I did request for donations from readers of my blog to help us out. 

There have been some generous soul out there who have helped but I am no where close to what I need.

Last week I hit my five million mark for clicks on steadyaku47. I get a daily average of between 3500 to 5000 clicks  - and so when I posted my appeal for donations to help us get the things that I needed for my wife stay at home after St Vincent I was hopeful that if a few good soul out there who read what I write could help, we would have what we need in no time at all. 

Honestly it did not happened. I was disappointed enough to take the donation request down because I just could not see it doing any good leaving it on the blog.

Life is hard....not only for us but for many others too...and I do understand that -  but after much thought I want to try and make another appeal for help for those of you who do read what I write. 

The physical and mental part of taking care of my wife is not a problem for me - I handle it well. What I am unable to handle is the costs of buying the medical equipment she needs for her comfort, her safety and to manage her condition adequately at home. Without them it is not fair to care for her in our home....and I really really want her at home with us.

Can you help?   

 If you can help please forward what ever you can to my wife account in Melbourne

  • Loukia L. Hussein 
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia 
  • Account Number : 065126 10165979
  • BIC / Swift Code : CTBAAU2S 

Or you can donate through Pay Pal on the right hand column of this blog. 

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My belief that there are enough of you out there who will help is undiminished because I know there are enough good people out there. If all of those who read what I write can send me a few ringgits each - it will be enough. In fact one of you did asked me if he could send me some Malaysian Ringgit through the post because it was expensive to remit money overseas and he asked for my house address in Melbourne. If any of you are thinking of doing the  same then do send what ever you can afford in Ringgit to :

Hussein Hamid

Unit 413 / 150 Brunswick Street.
Fitzroy 3065.
Victoria, Australia.

It would be much appreciated.

John F. Kennedy
“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
John F. Kennedy
For those of you who have made a difference in our lives....thank you so very much. 

Thank You.
e mail :

Sunday 13th September:

Update : To those of you who have been kind enough to assist us so far - my wife and me thank you. We are more than half way there in terms of what we need financially. For now we are renting the equipment that we need and fifty percent of what we pay for rent will go towards the purchase price of the equipment that we are now using when we are able to raise the required amount. 

Whatever amount you can assist in this would be appreciated by my wife and me. If you can offer a little towards our need - please do. Every single dollar helps. Thank you.


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