Wednesday, 3 August 2016

But Umno is driven not by what we think nor by what we want or aspire to. Umno marches to its own drums - however askew it's beat may be.

I wrote this on Monday, 11 May 2015...over a year ago....still relevant today!

I have often been asked by people -  " When are you going back to KL?" -  for they know that Australia is not home for me. I usually smile, shrug my shoulders and hold my tongue lest I speak too harshly of my country of birth. But what I would like to ask them back is "Go home to what?"

What rational Malaysian given the privilege of living permanently in Australia would want to go back to KL? Family? Great wealth? I have all the family that I want with me in Australia. The possibility of wealth is tempting, but alas, asks too much of me - more than I would be willing to give of the things that are precious to me now - my right to speak, write and do as I please within the bounds of decency and to live life as I wish with those that I love.  

But there are Malaysians living abroad for whom going back to KL is still a fervent wish - however forlorn. But for whatever reason we may have to stay where we are now or go back to KL, we all care passionately for the well beings of our fellow Malaysian back home.

Especially in these times when leaders and those who are their flock seems far removed from reality....none more so than those in Umno who support Najib Razak!

Even in the midst of euphoria for the "tidal" wave of support that have been surreptitiously and timely unleashed from within Umno in blind support of Najib Razak, there is still an air of finality and gloom surrounding the happenings without and within Umno.

With each pledge of loyalty given to Najib the case for Najib's dismissal becomes stronger and more credible. These are the last days of a once great political entity that has lost its direction amidst the spoils that great political power can give - political power used and abused for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many. 

How, we may ask, can Umno be blind to all that Najib Razak represents? Arrogance, irresponsible governance and an inability to understand why there is much disquiet with his tenure as Prime Minister.

But Umno is driven not by what we think nor by what we want or aspire to. Umno marches to its own drums - however askew it's beat may be.

Do not take as gospel each declaration of unwavering support for Najib Razak by any Umno member - be it from an ordinary member or from the higher echelons of power within the organization. There is now a great deal of posturing and repositioning of loyalties by individuals and factions within Umno for they know that in the coming and going of Umno leaders, there is much opportunity for great financial gain. And that ladies and gentlemen is what drives Umno members! The possibility of great financial gain.

The word has gone out that Mahathir must be given a working-over and dutifully Umno has obliged. Favors are being called in and those sahabats whose livelihood, nay their ability to draw in their very breath, would depend on the political survival of their "boss" now switched into their "herd mentality" mode and do what they must to give Mahathir the "working over" they have been told he deserves.

And this they will continue to do until Najib's position as President of Umno and Prime Minister of Malaysia becomes untenable. 

It becomes untenable when  irrefutable evidence  emerges of his wrong doing while in office  or circumstances changes that makes it impossible for Umno to maintain or defend Najib's position as their leader anymore.

For the moment Najib position within Umno is secure but subject to change.

The change begins when Umno starts to believe that keeping Najib on as their President will do more damage to themselves than getting rid of Najib. Umno knows all there is to know about Altantuya, about the excesses of Rosmah, about 1MDB and about all that Najib has done whilst in office. They know all we know and more. While what we know have been enough to turn us off Najib - it has not been enough for those in Umno for their tolerance has been tempered by years of the same abuse by other Umno's President and his peers.

So what will?

It will depend on how far Mahathir is prepared to go.

Does Tun have hard evidence of Najib's sexual impropriety of the "Port Dickson" kind? And if he has, is Tun prepared to stoop that low in using that "evidence" to rid himself of Najib?   

What else will emerge from1MDB?

I doubt if anything else coming out of 1MDB can harm Najib because to Umno, 1MDB is just another business venture and unless criminal charges can be laid on individuals with direct links to Najib or to Rosmah, Najib will get through this 1MDB episode with some discomfort - but he will survive. 

Sirul and Azhar are already being contained - what is left to do with these two is to agree on the terms and conditions of how much "compensation" will be needed to keep them quiet - and when that is agreed to, they will sign on the dotted line and go away quietly.    

For the moment Najib is in charge but it is the fear of the unknown that haunts his sleep and every waking moment. Somewhere, some one has information or knowledge of information that will harm Najib. Does Najib have the financial means to keep a lid on all the improprieties and abuses he indulged in from the time he went into politics until today? 

I think not!

No one has that much money. No one has excess to that kind of money even if the nation's treasury is at his disposal to do as he thinks fit. 

But Najib will not go quietly.

He knows the Rakyat wants him out. 

He knows that if push comes to shove, Umno wants him out.

But all the people he needs to remain in power, both in Umno and in the government, he already has in his pockets - in his deep pockets lined with our money!

But he cannot buy everyone in Parliament - so Parliament can pass a vote of no confidence if they want Najib out. 

He cannot buy everyone in Umno so Umno can kicked him out at the next Umno elections. 

Or failing all that, the Rakyat can kick him out at the next general election.

Does  Tun have enough up his sleeves to shame Najib into leaving? 

Yes I believe that Tun Mahathir has but as was the case with Anwar, Tun did not make the letters that Azizah wrote to him about her problems with her husband public because Tun felt that the letters were written by Azizah to appeal for Tun's help in her personal capacity as a wife and it was not right for Tun to take advantage of that situation. The old man does still have his principles...I hope he will make an exception with Najib.

Only time will tell.