Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Quickies : She is NOT Cooking Crabs!

And I wasted 3 minutes of my life waiting for her to cook the .... what were they ... crabs.

steadyaku47 comment : 

Ini yang aku upset sangat !
Crabs are one of my favorite food...and when I came across this on FB and saw the crabs....yes the CRABS....I waited to see if they were going to show me a new way of cooking those crabs. Tunggu punya cooking. Just that lady transferring the crabs from the basin to the sink. 
So I replayed the video again to see if I miss anything because the first time around I was concentrating on the crabs so much that I was not sure if the lady was telling me how the crabs should be cook while she was transfering the crabs from the basin to the sink. Nothing. 
Just to be sure I replayed the video again, turn up the volume in case it was off the first two times......this time with a pen and paper ready to write down anything the girl might say...ingridients, water temperature etc etc...again nothing. 
Now that is third time that I have seen the video without getting any information on what type of crabs there were, how to cook them or even any information that would give me some idea what the whole video was about....maybe it was about how to handle live crabs without getting hurt.....!
So to be sure I replayed it once more time........this time really concentrating on everything...the crabs, the basin, the sink and making sure that the volume was loud enough and of course also keeping an eye on the girl because she seems to know what she was doing with those crabs....still nothing!
What lah! Almost 10 mins of my time wasted looking at the video of the girl handling some crabs....aiyah as if I got nothing better to do ma. I wish you guys will not put this kind of video on to our FB page .....just wasting our precious time lah! I got real upset ma!
P.S......does anybody have the contact number of the girl? I like the is just the right size basin that I have always wanted to have around the house in case I need to use it one of these days....anybody got her number? I want to ask her where she got basin from.