Sunday, 2 April 2017

najib thinks he can fool all of the Indians some of the time, and some of the Indians all of the time....but he cannot fool all the Indians all the time!

Najib ni betul tak ada class lah. Dah lah bini second hand...cara dia nak cuba dapat vote orang Hindu pon cara bodoh!

Who are the idiots advising najib razak? Or does najib razak think of all these things that he is now doing in India all by himself? If he does think about all these things himself, then he is indeed stupid! And to stupid, add moron and imbecile! 

The election is close. Like the last election, he wants to get the Indians on side. We all remember what he did in the last election....he made promises to the Indians, got Hindraf and Waytha on side, got their support and votes...made Waytha a Deputy Minister even....and then after the election, najib proceeded to revert back to ignoring the Indians and whatever he had promised them he will do for the Indians went down the drain.

Now he cannot go down the same path that he did with Hindraf and Wayth because they are not going to fall for the same scam this time around he starts with a trip to India. He poses with the Super star. Then release a statement "Without Indians, Malaysia won't be what it is today".

Najib: Without Indians, Malaysia won’t be what it is today

 | April 1, 2017 
The prime minister lauds the contributions of Malaysian Indians to the nation and talks about the warm relations between Malaysia and India, in an opinion piece.
PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Najib Razak has paid a grand tribute to the contributions of Malaysians of Indian origin. He says the country would not be doing so well if not for Malaysian Indians, in an opinion piece in The Hindustan Times of India. Saying Malaysia has the highest percentage of the Indian diaspora outside India, with fully 7% of the population being of Indian origin, he adds: “And these Malaysian Indians have played a vital role in building our country.” He adds: “I can truly say that without Malaysian Indians, Malaysia simply would not be what it is today, and they constitute a very special reason why it is so natural for our two countries to forge ever closer and friendlier relations.”

I hope, the Indians will not forget what happened just a month ago when he stood by and allowed two Indian brothers to be executed two days before their pre determined date of execution. That is what najib thinks of the Indians....he did not think that executing the two brothers two days before their pre determined date of execution would upset any Indians.... not even the loved ones of the two that was executed! 

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and of course he is in India to drum up trade between India and Malaysia :

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Why does he announce a scheme for the betterment of the Indian community in Chennai? Why? Is it because he presumes that Indians in Malaysia are closely following what he is doing in India....Mother India.....and announcing a scheme for the betterment of Malaysian Indians in India would have more impact on Malaysian Indians than to announce the same scheme in K Hell! 

8 hours ago - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said a machinery would be put in place to implement the plan. “No Malaysian should be left behind in enjoying the benefits of our country's ... At the same event, Najib announced that medical graduates ... meeting with India's captains of industry in Chennai yesterday.

National blueprint for Indian community to be launched next month ...

1 day ago - CHENNAI: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today announced that a ... specifically for the betterment of the Indian community in Malaysia, ...

What else is he going to announce in India that is going to be for the benefits of Indians in Malaysia? 
That Samy Velu's son and Reza Aziz are going to invest in a Bollywood production with a Muslim, Shah Rukh Khan as the leading man and a leading Bollywood Indian Star as the leading lady and a cameo by Flying Hippo? Huh!

Maybe he thinks he can fool all of the Indians some of the time, and some of the Indians all of the time....but najib, you cannot fool all the Indians all the time!