Monday, 3 April 2017


There are not exceptional or extraordinary questions that pose an exceedingly difficult internal search or challenge for the man on the street. Are we an international rouge Nation? Have we become or are we evolving into an international rouge nation? 

Considering the ramifications of the questions, it was not an overnight process. It had its origins in The Manmico, Perwaja Steel, BMF, Deposit Taking Co-operative, Pan Electric which were the notable financial scandals of the 80's. If one reads into these scandals, serious remedial or rectification effort to secure a sound and accountable financial system was absent and fell on deaf ears. 

The cruel  cold blooded Memali massacre highlighted the  callous blatant disregard for life when a system faces a challenge and is a precursor to the spate of killings that have taken place to date. We are witnessing an alarming regularity of unsolved crimes and the successive elected Government of the day are showing a culpability of either gross negligence or are an accessory to the unsolved crimes. The North Korean nightmare shows how vulnerable and compromised our position is in the world. The true nature of the grotesque monster elected in successive elections is roosting on the eggs and displaying its potential. The most basic perimeters of decency, that which was deemed sacrosanct and reverent have been breached and stripped naked to the bone. Every convention of democratic principles has been, degraded compromised, and violated over the years. Unmistakably we are evolving into a rogue nation.

Are we having rouge institutions? The institution of the judiciary suffered an unrecoverable considerable body blow around the same period. Those who recognised and conscientiously objected were incarcerated according to draconian laws and the pretext was always the invisible, nonexistent National Security or a Communist threat. There isn't a shred of evidence emerging after thirty years to substantiate the claims. The lies were manufactured and fed to a gullible public. We must ask a very simple question on a sum total of proportionality, have more people been killed by criminals, kidnappers, snatch thieves, robbers or by law enforcement agencies? Have more people been threatened by criminal elements or law enforcement agencies? Are there more unsolved killings against the criminal elements or the law enforcement? If the balance is against our security and justice institutions, we must face reality and state that they are rouge institutions that need to be reformed.   

Is religion being used as rouge tool to divide and rule?  An important strategic and overlooked factor was the Umno-nisation and politicisation of mosque and religious affairs departments in the 80’s and 90’s. The true essence of Islamic purity and spirituality may have been lost in a very negative and toxic political landscape. The values promoted enabled parties and personalities to cling to power. A rigorous, regimented and fearful application of religious laws has unfortunately been divisive, combative and repressive where it has lost its semblance and originality of compassion and peace. The quality of many dubious preachers by political appointments desecrates and defames the scriptures. The rogue elements that Govern religious bodies have infiltrated and embedded themselves deep in structures which are virtually unrecognisable as religious entities. We are getting pulverised, beaten blue and black, threatened with laws, being kidnapped, but we are still fighting. Religion has not yet come into the equation and optimised itself in a negative manner to divide us. There is a very vocal bunch of our Malay or Muslim brothers and sisters some inside the Umno circle and many on the outside who are waging a valiant battle. They have retained virtues and consistently resisted unjust authority. One must participate in a rally to see how they are among those who are hounded and vilified in the cruellest and most sickening manner.

Are we ruled by rouge leaders? Can our leaders be classified as international rouges and pariahs?  In the 90's the formidable powers were acquired by the Prime Minister making him the unmatched numero uno . The tentacles of a vast filter down patronage system affecting and impacting the wealth and livelihood of thousands or millions has already matured and taken shape. This literally crippled the conscience and severely compromised an independent democratic voting process. A bloated civil service may be a strategic electoral advantage as well. Our fractured democracy was depreciated to such an extent where it has entirely ceased to be a contest of equals as to who has the most brilliant or caring ideas to serve the people. The contest now is about stopping the diarrhoea of blatant thievery. Restoring the decomposed democratic institutions which is cosmetic and plastic in every sense of the word will be an uphill battle for years.
Political parties especially in governance stripped themselves of the ordinary citizenry participation or involvement when parties and leaders chose the exclusivity of complex business organizations with a distinct flavour of the Mafia and flamboyant characters in suits. Paedophilic Chief Ministers, opulent mansions and bodyguards looking more like hoodlums have ensured that political rulers will trample and threaten all, while citizens are tortured, torn, threatened and are trembling at the slightest hint that oppressive laws will be applied. The government role has eroded over the years where it has ceased to function as a service structure of the citizen and instead was and is competing, collaborating or acquiring private enterprises with billion dollar contracts. Managing the country was an incidental acceptable nuisance and it was principally seen as a means to amass and acquire wealth, the draconian policing is ensure that  happiness is for selective groups and this does not mean racial or religious groups( it is elite groups within these groups)- if all were happy it would be the end of the government !
We have had the unerring misfortune to have leaders who have been less than truthful. The first was an exceptional and unbelievable man, the third a man of integrity, and the fifth though he suffered sleep apnoea had some honour.
The rest are what this article is about. The thievery of the past was suave and sophisticated and the amounts were not obscene of global standards with a system of sharing, in deception and hiding there was a warped and twisted sense of decency fear and respect- which is obviously absent today. The current leader is definitely a scandalous rouge, ruffian and rascal to the hilt, he is unmoved when it is expressed outright that he should quit. That he is thriving as part time leader and full time professional criminal, swindler and embezzlement specialist is an embarrassment and shame to the country.  He reminds one of the sinister Idi Amin, albeit as a civilised and impeccable clown with British manners to the boot with an underlying dark menacing hideousness of chucky the clown. He has become ruthless, invincible and unstoppable. His political, personal, moral and religious philosophy is money. The philosophy of acquiring money illegally is not sophisticated or complex by any stretch of imagination. The real threat is that for each of these bunches of ignoramuses to pull such stunts is that they must be so arrogant to think that the system was built like a third Reich of a thousand years. Extravagance and excursion which were unthinkable and inconceivable not far back in time very clearly displays the heights of arrogance and inflated egos. From a secure position within a bubble one has chosen to be isolated and insulated to do as one please.  Make no mistake the governance is an intentional flawed malfunctioned design in its construction which allows rouges the passport to become philanthropists or anything they want to be with our taxes, and use our taxes in a suave manner to get them re-elected. Excuses are conjured  to save us from ourselves as such suppression and repression are natural mandatory requirements.
Not one of these obstinate uncouth rouges or rascals has shown any kind of remorse to date, they are divisive, ungracious and unrepentant, and these treasonous and treacherous individuals may do a ‘Brutus or Judas’ on their rouge leader or each other to ensure continuity. They are a volatile, lunatic, delusional combination of smart, shrewd, silent and stupid who have screwed us left, right and centre. How else does one account for the acceptance of nonstop stupidity which emits with production conveyor belt regularity and efficiency? Or the shrewd who can rationalise and moralise wrong as acceptable for a greater good? Or the smart whose vestige of dignity is unholy silence?  In this country the lowliest intellectual denominator of moral or common sense is reserved for cabinet level positions. No matter what prestigious universities they have gone to: once these loonies are in cabinet they are reduced to braying, bellowing, gibbering grunting, quacking, neighing, clucking, cackling, growling, roaring, hooting, howling, snorting, shrieking, chattering, bleating,  screeching, squealing, and squeaking about how good they are in this mumbo jumbo jabbering and blabbering about the successful construction of the Orwellian Animal farm. They will claim platonic friendship on sworn virgin innocence with Phryne, Aspasia and Denny Fouts. Further in the guise of national interest they will sacrifice all to go on a sophisticated   study tour of De Wallen in Amsterdam to help build a top notch flood mitigation system, leak proof financial system and at the same time promote the lingerie industry all for the sake of agama, bangsa and Negara! 

In the face of overwhelming accumulation of both documented and physical evidence, we risk becoming a developed rogue nation. If we are of innocence with the innocent, the waters of life will pour a drop of itself for: 
·       One needless life lost, 
·       One incarcerated, 
·       One kidnapped, 
·       One deprived of education and equality,  
·       One families tears for conversions gain,
·       One desperate suicide  
·       One vagrant on streets of gold, 
·       One sold as flesh in the night, 
·       One women whipped for pleasure of wine, 
·       One labelled as ‘pendatang’, - 

Are all one too many ! 

The fourth PM who at ninety three years of age is fighting from the winding road of perdition a battle against the travesty of potential future chaos and anarchy. This may be his unspoken restitution, in atonement amend and erase the past transgressions under his regime. Nevertheless a sense of combat fatigue in this protracted fight is creeping is against corruption and all manner of deception, diversion, inequalities, ailments and ills. Citizens are bone weary; sick, fed up and tired of hearing about the curse from wimp of wizards who defend: a failed scarlet pimpernel of a sorcerer whose ill gotten gains allows a brazen witch to shop without a scratch of sympathy. All are craving for peace and the simple quite life-they are no longer the desired everyday joke on whatsapp chat groups. They treated as toxic, terminal contaminated Ebola virus- groups just delete them.   
Fatigue aside we should never be seduced by the desire for convenience and comfort and ignore the fragmented broken glass of lives strewn across our path- it may very well render the hidden ground beneath our soul to destruction. The Malaysian rouge leadership has already consigned their conscience to be cast and moulded in the hardest, coldest, lifeless form of Lonsdaleite(58 percent harder than diamond). The finest sculpture of our ideals, will meet adversarial resistance despite using the sharpest and sturdiest chisel of justice, the attempts to carve a David out of its unredeemable form is both futile and pathetic. Not one person within the system can change, reform, renovate, refurbish or navigate the system. They have all been part of the plunder of ill gotten gains and interdependence dictates that they protect the leader. The skeletons of scandals that each has in their closet is of unimaginable proportions which opens them to all manner of threats themselves.  

This is not about retribution,  hate, revenge or an obsession, we must be very clear, the change that GE 14 promises cannot be won by a simple paper thin majority or sixty percent majority. This evil has long standing advantage and collective experience and expertise with the necessary financial clout. Nothing but an overwhelming majority is the only way to – 

·       Dismantle the monstrosity unchecked power of the executive’s office that has become a convenient harbour for rouges and their entourage. 
·       Decimate and decapitate the divisive political ideology of race and religion which have crippled our Malay brothers and sisters and any poor disadvantaged citizen or our indigenous originals of the land.
·       Revamp and overhaul the whole system.
·       We cannot dither about this we need to have national schools integrated with the inclusivity of the main components of religious and cultural structures.
·       It may be madness but we should just close down parties that are founded on race or religion.  

To put it simply when elected trust is euthanized, we have a moral duty and obligation to abandon it or be held captive in bondage.           

One identity – Malaysian! 
No race classification - just Humanity! 
No division by religion – just oneness!

If we don’t desire this we will have and be governed by rouge leaders who have enslaved us, our children and grandchildren for perpetuity.