Wednesday, 8 November 2017

And very soon, like the thief, you too will run out of space to hide the stuff you rob. What do you do?

Let us say that you are a thief. Let us say that you have been a successful thief and that you have stolen a lot of other peoples much stuff that you on longer have room in your own house to store it away....what do you do?

And what if you are a robber and you have been a successful robber....robbing people out of their money, robbed their jewellery, their precious gems ....even their cars. And very soon, like the thief, you too will run out of space to hide the stuff you rob. What do you do?

Now what if you are a public servant, some one in high public office, a banker or even an ordinary government servant....and somehow in the course of your have managed to amass a vast sum of money by doing whatever it is that you are doing. The first few thousands you can just spend on the things you need around the house to make your life more comfortable. Perhaps you get yourself a  75" Q9 UHD QLED TV. Maybe an LG 712L French Door Fridge....or get the wife a Hermes bag or two. These are things you can do and you may get some of your friends envious of the things you have...but you will have no problem in disposing of the "extra" income that you have earned.....provided it is just a "bit" of extra income.

What if you are a politician? Not any ordinary politician who survives on the MP salary and allowance that the YB's gets (and of course, the "peruntukan" they get come election time)....but you are the Ketua Bahagian...maybe even a Minister. What do you do with the "durian runtuh" and "political spoils" that comes your way every so often? Cannot put too much in the Bank ma....if there are more money in the Bank than what your income might become a "person of interest" to the authorities! Some politicians take their cash in a bag and go to Australia to buy properties....well not all the politicians lah....only the stupid ones "not speaking the English" and these stupid ones gets caught by the Australian authorities for doing so. Or some will just keep the cash in their house....and also get caught!

So can you imagine what sort of problems you will have if you are the prime minister of a country and you have been robbing and stealing from the Rakyat, from the coffers of your fact from every thieving and stealing opportunity that you can find and create in your position as prime minister of that country.! And on top of all are aided and abetted in this stealing and robbing by an enthusiastic wife who shares the same dreams that you have : that of being the richest prime minister and flom (fat lady if Malaysia)  in the history of the make that globally! 

Now that is the problem that Najib and his wife now have today! 

These two have money pouring out of every orifice of their odious physical self and still the billions keeps pouring in. The banks are no longer safe haven for them...not after that RM2.6 billion was outed! Geez you cannot even trust the banks in Malaysia these days to just be satisfied that you are putting your billions in their bank....but if truth be told, it is people like Sarawak Report that is the problems. They go snooping around and start publishing all kinds of innuendos about the prime minister being a billionaire and his wife having a RM25 million diamond rings!  

So now this prime minister have to be extra careful about where he parks his billions. It helps if your son in law is from it helps is for you to ask Najib... I know, but I am not telling!

The Panama Papers, and now the Paradise Papers, are giving us some clairty on how these thieves, robbers, public servants, those holding high public office and the politicians stash their millions and billions. So spare some pity for Najib and Rosmah! Not only do they have to steal and rob us all out of billions of ringgits...they also have to think of  where they can "keep" that money so that people like Clare Newcastle...and maybe that KP from MACC (if he is not too busy bonking other people's wife!)...will not be able to find it. 

One thing that Najib does not have to worry about is how all those billions will be spent. Rosmah and her children are very good at that. At least that is one problem solved. Now the next problem is to make sure that the opposition does not win in PRU14 so that he and his wife can stay out of Sungai Buloh and continue to enjoy the billions that have stashed away in parts unknown all over the globe. 

Some of you will say that all this is a matter of what is legal and illegal...but you and I know that it is simply immoral behaviour and human greed. And the fact that it resides comfortably  within Umno and its components BN parties is simply a matter of history...they have been too bloody long in government please kick these robbers and thieves out at PRU14.


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