Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin back in Umno?

There are many Malays who support Umno. Many Malays who support Harapan, PAS, PKR and there are even Malays who support DAP. If Malays are allowed to join MIC or MCA, for sure there will be Malays there too. All these Malays who support the various political parties, various political ideologies  and the Malays who think that it is really Islam that will save the Malays....they are in numbers large enough to worry other Malays who want the Malays to be united to ensure that the Malays remain dominant in the political landscape of Malaysia. And that my friend, is about the only reality that is really happening among the Malays. The Malays are divided and have been wrecked asunder by politics and religion in a way that has overwhelmed them lock stock and barrel. Friends and families are divided along these lines. Friends and foes have absolutely reached a point of no return where each plot the others physical and political demise.....and when I say physical demise, I mean physical assault on the other so as to cause pain and sufferings to the extreme. I would even venture to claim that there are now, among the Malays, much hatred for each other because of this. It has come to pass that today the Malays no longer know which Malays among them are to trusted and which one to be berated. 

So how will the Malays fare in the coming PRU 14?          

No Malay leader of today can claim popular support of the Malay critical mass. No Malay leader can claim acceptance by the majority of the Malays. Some have pockets of support in States. Some have cultivated niches in Felda settlements, in some Kampongs and even amongst the urban population. No Malay leader can lay claim that he or she, is the dominant voice that represent the Malays and he or she commands the vast majority of the silent Malay votes or he or she commands the support of the overt Malay voices that can be heard loudly and clearly demanding that the Malays must now find a common cause that will unite them, a common voice that will speak for them and a common unifying aspiration that will serve to make the Malays what they once were....the dominant, responsible and positive voice of Malaysia politics. A powerful political force that will do good not evil, in government.

But if truth is to be told, the only political entity that can lay any claim, however remote,  to being the champion of the Malays, is Umno. Not the Umno of today...not even the Umno of the past decade....but it is still within our living memory to remember that it was Umno that the Malays and many many Malaysians, remembered with affection and respect, to be OUR government....OUR champions. 

Where is that Umno now?

That Umno is mortally wounded. That Umno has become toxic and infested with money politics, corruption and toxic that by just being within Umno you will be contaminated and totally infused by the toxic culture that has turned so many Malay leaders into ugly  monsters totally consumed and driven to doing anything and everything to satisfy their greed for the spoils of political office.....succinctly pronounced by their president aka our prime minister himself, "That Cash is King!".

The Umno of today must change for the Malays to once again embrace it as their alma mater. If truth is to be told, for the Malays in all the other political it PAS, Harapan, PKR or Dap, all these Malays knows that the other parties are merely a pretender to the throne. The Malays know within their hearts of hearts, that there really is only Umno for them....but when they will return to Umno is for the stars to tell. 

I know many of you will disagree with my sentiments. I know that the Chinese will say that the Malays will never be politically mantap if all they can think about is Umno and never the rest. Many non Malays may never trust any Malay that goes back to his roots...go back to Umno because of what they now perceive Umno to be and what Umno has been in the past two decades. 

If you think so then think back to what PAS once was under Aruah TGNA. Think what MIC and MCA once were under able and respected leaders who put party and the people it represent first, before themselves. Think back to how politicians once were when there was respect and reverence for each other. The parties are all still there. It is the people within these parties that changed. A Najib Razak, a Samy Velu and the various MCA presidents, in any political party, will destroy that party. Get those bastards out and these parties will renew their commitments to serve the people who have elected them into political power.

Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin back in Umno? I can tell you this...if they are not talking about it now, then they are not politicians. I rest my case.          


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