Sunday, 5 November 2017

How many billions have our country lost to corruption?

How many billions have our country lost to corruption? You can start with that RM 2.6 billion found in Najib Razak's personal account. The same Najib Razak who has spawned a massive system of patronage to keep him in political clover! The same Najib Razak  who has amassed a personal fortune of many billions parked in, among other places, Switzerland and Kazakstan.

How have we allowed this Najib Razak, his wife, his family and his cohorts to treat our national coffers as their personal piggy bank? 

For sure Najib did not invent corruption, but under him corruption became a well managed franchise that is on offer to any one who can be of use to Najib and can be used by Najib to further his own selfish political agenda. This is Suharto's KKN : Korupsi (corruption), Kolusi (collusion) and Nepotisme (nepotism) on a scale that only greed can explain. On a scale that defiles any explanation bar that which only arrogance, can explain : for Najib Razak actually thinks he can get away with grand corruption. Grand corruption on a scale that no one thought any Malay...or Bugis Warrior...could possibly do until Najib and Rosmah came along! 

This is grand corruption that demands collusion and complicity by public officials, government officials, bankers and of course a government : The Barisan Nasional government : to enable Najib and his wife to embezzle billions of public funds for their personal use. Corruption in Malaysia is now systemic. It is part of the cost of doing business in Malaysia and has proven to be toxic to the manner Barisan Nasional does government.  

Malaysia's total external debt is RM 908.7 billion and counting. After a decade long build-up of debt due to external borrowing, Malaysia is now one of the most indebted countries in the Asian Region  It's external debt to GDP ratio is higher than others in this region at 73.9 percent. Thailand's is 32 percent. Our debt is growing faster than GDP and faster than foreign exchange reserves. 

Najib has placed himself above the jurisdiction of the courts in Malaysia and by design and stealth, he now has almost absolute power. About the only thing left for Najib to ban is "political activities". This "democratically" elected head of state is now close to also doing just that. The alternative for him, his wife and those who have colluded in embezzling those billions of ringgits from our national coffers for their personal gain, is incarceration! 

Nab Raza has single handedly brought the Malays and Umno down on to their knees in everything that matters. The Police has now as much honour and respect as the alongs who go about doing their business without thought for the well bring of those they harass and intimidate - but at least the alongs only goes after those who are indebted to them. The Police have no such ....they go after whoever their political masters tell them to harass and intimidate. The Angkatan Tentera Malaysia are being wreck asunder by the divide and rule maneuverings of their political masters in ab attempt to secure the "loyalty" of our armed forces lest there is a need for their "loyalty" should there be a need for it if ever Umno thinks it is losing their political hegemony over all things Malaysians. The statutory bodies in Malaysia are all "fucked"...the chase for the almighty ringgit have compromised too many people...and this you can see with the naked eye within Felda, Tabung Haji, EPF, Risda, Fulcra, KWSP and almost everything else. The Ministries are all the servants of their Ministers. RM100 million missing from the Ministry of Sports? Not my problem says the Minister...this was at a time before mine!  

Not content with all that he has done with the Malays and everything else....Najib Razak is well into his next project. Bringing PAS down to the level where it has started to dig to go lower than Umno. And these Towel Head fell for it hook line and sinker! We have seen PAS being willingly and totally corrupted by dedak over these last few years....and now in London, we will see what PAS has become as Clare Rewcastle puts into the public domain all that PAS has turned into when it decided to go to bed with Najib and Umno! And all this done with money from God knows where as Hadi tries to do battle in a class way, way above his weight. Money may be able to hire Hadi a QC but even money cannot defend Hadi and PAS against what the public will think of them as the "NEW PAS" is outed for what they are in the Courts of London. Thanks to Umno's money and PAS stupidity, Clare Rewcastle and Sarawak Report has been given a perfect platform to tell us all and the world, what Dedak can and has done to PAS. 

There is no "Get Out of Jail" card for Najib and Rosmah. Too many people despise and hate them for what they have done to the people of Malaysia and to Malaysia. Tun Mahathir calls Najib a thief. Tun Mahathir is too kind. Nab Razak is a thief and more and all will be reveal when the inevitable happens : he is no longer prime minister and the flood gates opens! They shoot people for corruption in China. They hang people for treason in many parts of the world. In some parts of the world the punishment for defrauding the very people you are tasked to protect is many many years n prison. So your guess is as good as mine as to what punishment awaits Najib Razak and Rosmah when their time to face those who will judge their fate comes. God help them for the people of Malaysia surely will not!         

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