Wednesday, 15 November 2017

cakap cakap...Fitzroy, blogging and K Hell.

A cup of mango and mandarin infused tea this morning to start the day. It is 7.45 am by my mobile phone clock and the temperature outside is 24.6C and rising. 

Melbourne Forecast

This morning22°C


24.5°C rising
Updated at 07:10 EDT
Melbourne for Wednesday Mostly sunny morning. High chance of showers, most likely during the late afternoon and evening and the chance of thunderstorms. Winds N 25 to 40 km/h decreasing to 15 to 25 km/h this afternoon then shifting cooler SW late afternoon. Winds then becoming light in the evening. Stronger squalls possible with thunderstorms.

Summer is here.
The week past has been, for me, routinely and thankfully quiet. I met up with some Malaysian on a visit to Melbourne...not to sure if it was in the last week or the week before...but it was good to meet, talk and have a cup of coffee with people from back home. 

Life is great when you do not have meetings to go to, appointments to make and keep and when you do not have to worry about matters of the financial kind. My financial worries, if any, do not last for more than a week or two at the most...for you see I get my pension every fortnight....and when my pension is banked into my account...whatever financial woes I might have, are taken care of. The rent is paid, groceries replenished and that is my worries for the coming week taken care of. If the health of my wife and me are on song then life can only be good.....and sometimes, like last night...I do treat myself to a Char Kueh Teow bought from the Blue Chili - a Malaysian restaurant a few yards away from where I stay. That set me back by Aud $15...which at the current exchange rates is Ringgit $48.Yes a bit steep but, as I said, it is a treat that I give myself now and then. 
I have got myself back into the groove in as far as blogging is concern. I realise that steadyaku47 is really an extension of myself. I write what is in my head. Share with you the jokes I find funny, songs I enjoy listening to...and whatever I find interesting on the Net also goes into the blog. I do not mind telling you guys that I read my own blog every now and then to listen to the songs, laugh at the jokes and amuse myself with the interesting stuff I find on the net and share with you all through this blog. As for my writing...I read them too because sometimes I wonder myself how I write the things that I write....because in my sane and sober moments, I am not the guy ranting away in steadyaku47 about the goings on in K Sir.... I am an old Malay guy quietly living what is left of his life, in a suburb  of Melbourne call Fitzroy and taking care of of my wife the best way I can. I am no political activist, no paid Cybertrooper of any political party and certainly do not want to incite, provoked or encourage any political opposition to the present Barisan Nasional government and become a person of interest to PDRM. That is me....but as I said, steadyaku47 is something else....steadyaku47 rants and rave about the corruption and abuse of government by the odious BN government....and goes ballistic when it comes to the plundering and pillaging of our national coffers by that greedy couple staying in Seri Perdana...and I am sure that person is not me! It sounds like me, it thinks like me, it writes like me....and I hear many of you saying ...correct, correct, correct....but also ask yourself how noisy and disturbing it would be to have to live in the same house as that steadyaku47 blogger! And so when I walk away from my Mac...steadyaku47 becomes me and I become steadyaku47 only when I am again at my desk with my Mac all powered up to go. 
Ok I am totally confused about my own self. I need to stop and chill awhile. 
Last night's stats for steadyaku47 were respectable : 39,176 clicks for now and should go over 40K by 11am when the new day count starts. Thank you for reading what I write and thank you for clicking even if you do know by now that I am totally insane and in need of counselling to get some balance between myself self and that blogger that lives within me. 
Do not take life too seriously...laugh at yourself as often as you can....and just to get you all in the same mood as me...right at this very moment....I am writing this in my sarong that one of you sent me a few years back, with a grey T shirt on, slippers and at 8.51a.m, I am trying to decide what to have for breakfast...either toast with Vegemite or some spring rolls that will take about fifteen minutes to cook in the oven. I know K Hell is three hours if you are reading this now...I can only say this : "It is 7 a.m in your part of the world...don't you have anything better to do then read what an old man over 3000 kilometres away just wrote?"    
Life is good.

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