Sunday, 4 September 2016

An Old Soldier Speaks about that General

One can agree or disagree with the comments/opinions by the writer of this article. But it is for certain that officers and men of the Malaysian Armed Forces are not that stupid as to agree to an act of corruption by any of its member, regardless of its rank and status. If someone has committed a crime, he/she ought to be punish, and if the General is found guilty by the court later and is awarded a jail sentence, I don't believe the sentence has any effect on soldiers voting. Infact, it will serve as a useful lesson to other serving Generals and the whole Armed Forces. I say, let this be the last ever for a General to be detained for corruption.|By Ganesh Sahathevan

steadyaku47 comment : As always, when Pak Arshad, the old soldier, speaks, he does not disappoint me. Tabek Pak! 
For me whether you anak General ka, bapak General ka or if you are the General himself, if you have done the crime, you must do the time. 
I have heard disturbing tales of Rolls Royces and Super bIkes that this General seems to have a fondness for... let us wait for what will unfold.
But always keep your eye on Najib Razak, 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion donation...jangan kasi Najib and gang bikin silap mata and make us forget what these criminal political elites have done and are still doing to us, to our country and to the future of our children! 
Never ever trust this corrupt prime minister or his wife!
Hari ini kalau lah Najib Razak sumpah laknat yang dia telah bersunat semasa dia masih bersekolah lagi, saya tak kan bercaya! I will not believe him! I will ask him to drop his tousers and pull down his underwear and I will them proceed to examine (with gloves of course!) his genitals closley to satisfy myself that he has indeed been circumcised. And the same goes for Kak Rosmah...though I am not too keen on examining her myself...we will leave that to some poor soul to do and reward him or her accordingly.