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Antares : A Prayer For The Land I Love : October 24 1998.

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Let me attach a prayer I penned more than two years ago in solidarity with ( malaysiakini columnist) Hishamuddin Rais and the others who have been evilly detained by a police force corrupted by the "master corrupter" himself.

A Prayer For The Land I Love 
Dear God or whatever you prefer to be called these days:

I'm not in the habit of publicising my private thoughts,

But times are such that habits must be broken.

And so I will utter my innermost feelings

In the form of words, even though I know

That words are what imprison us

In mindsets of no escape ~

For I remain steadfast in my belief

That words spoken from the heart

Have the power to free us from

The evil clutches of political expediency.

It saddens me to see such beautiful, graceful beings

Caught in the deceit of cosmetic piety ~

Enslaved by the ugly dictum, "money talks!"

Enfeebled by the lame excuse, "what to do?"

Disempowered by the abject fear of false authority,

And disenfranchised from their own glorious destinies.

Grant unto us the clarity and wisdom

To understand that we have no grander gift

To bestow on our children than the freedom

To speak their heart's truth

Without fear of punishment.

Grant unto us the courage and the fortitude

To truly embody the lofty ideals we hold so dear;

Let us not falter in our inner struggle

To throw off the mental shackles of greed and fear,

For those are the twin towers of all tyranny.

Grant unto us a vision of the real ~

Let us not be misled by cunning projections

From the debased minds of "economic experts"

Who advise us not to "rock the boat" of status quo ~

Whose dire warnings are couched in grave tones of

"national security and stability" ~

Remember: dignity and integrity

Are the keys to the divine sanctum of the self!

And since each nation is but a collectivity of selves,

My greatest duty to the land I love

Is to always seek to be true to myself;

And my true self tells me:

Bear not the yoke of feudal despots

A moment longer than you need ~

There's room and board enough for everyone,

Once you cast the vampires of Vitality

From their vacuous palaces erected by the sweaty toil

Of half-wit slaves, who know not half their worth:

This beautiful, gracious land is yours,

Not Theirs! (Well, it could be theirs too,

If they'd only see themselves as you...)

The reality of heaven on earth will soon be here ~

And to that we are all heirs.

Oct 24, 1998