Monday, 5 September 2016

Anwar & Mahathir : All is Well. Will it End Well?

Before any of you make any remarks, comments or venture to give an opinion on the Anwar Mahathir meet ...let me  respectfully say this. If you do not know the full story just hush your mouth! 

What has gone on between these two, only these two knows. 

What Mahathir has done, what Anwar had are not privy to the full facts. And what you may know, may hear and what conjectures you make make of what you hear will, in the main, be possibly far from the truth. 

No assumptions. 

Do not bring up the past to say that Anwar is justified if he had ignore the hand proferred by Mahathir. 

Do not remind Mahathir of what he did when he was PM - that was then. This is 2016.

This is politics. This is now. 

These two will do what ever it takes to take our nation, our peoiple and our future towards what we Malaysian aspire to : Good Governance and a government that puts Malaysians first. Everything else will fall into place. 

Just remember this! 

From zilch Anwar Ibrahim became leader of the opposition who secured the popular mandate to form government. 

Mahathir has 22 years of government for us to reflect upon to decide if he had done more right than wrong by all of us. 

And then you ask yourself if this "Dream Team" of Anwar and Mahathir, with others who are already aligned with them, and with our support....can we all together dismiss Najib Razak from Office?  

Remember also that  it was Mahathir that had Umno replaced by Umno Baru - who says he cannot do that again if that is what is needed to give the Malays and Malaysians the political vehicle to move our country back to sanity. 

So to all of you that have something to say about the meeting of these two nemisis to each other...think what it has taken for Mahathir to go to see Anwar...for surely it was Mahathir who had to go and see Anwar for Anwar is not free to go where he wants to go. And think also what it must have taken for Anwar to take that proferred hand of Mahathir with grace and a smile. 

Let us sit back and be witness to what else is to come. I know that there is more to come because I am privy to a few things...but only what they want me to know...I do not know the full picture....the big picture. 

The two of them spent almost an hour in a room I need to say more? 

Lawan mesti Lawan.