Friday, 9 September 2016

Chinese Fiddles Malay Power Couple in Seri Perdana. Both End Up With Billions!

All those talk about the Chinese playing the Malays like a fiddle...the Chinese taking the Malays for a ride around the block while fleecing them out of their hard earned ringgit.... and we all have heard about the Chinese who always seem to be able to run rings around the Malays when it comes to business and money issues...have we all not heard about all that? 

Well think about how many times you have come across these instance of the Chinese playing the Malay like a fiddle. I have never been played by the Chinese like a fiddle but it seems that the Malays in Umno are always reminding us all that this has happened in the past, is happening now and will continue to happen in the future unless and until, the Chinese are stopped.  

Just let us say that there have been Malays who have been fiddled by the Chinese (as the Chinese too must have been fiddled by the Malays!)....and multiply them by about a few million a few billions would be a more appropriate..... what do you have? 

Two words to describe the Malay being fiddle :  Najib Razak.

Two words to describe the Chinese doing the fiddling : Jho Low.  

Woi Umno, your president has not only been taken for a fool by a young upstart Chinese but having being fiddled by the young upstart Chinese, that Malay president of yours is moving heaven and earth, to protect the young upstart from harm. The AG, the IGP, MACC, PAC ...hell even the Muftis have all been instructed, co opted, bought or coerced to declare there is nothing the matter with need to reel in that young upstart Chinese and that the couple in Seri Perdana are as innocent as a new born babe!

The mother of all fiddle is being perpetrated upon the President of Umno! 

Tak malu ka Umno? 

Not only Malaysians but the whole bloody world knows about it. Prime Ministers, Presidents and Heads of State are aware of what Jho Low has done onto Najib via that 1MDB sting and what does this BN government do? 

Everyone of these criminal elites stand solemnly with their hands on their hearts to declare that there is a conspiracy to get rid of Najib Razak, BN and Umno who are the legally elected representatives of the people and government of Malaysia.

Of course there is a conspiracy to get rid of all you criminal elites! 

You would have to be a village idiot or that couple in Seri Perdana to be blissfully unaware that all is not well with our country. It would take a parliament of baboons, monkeys of keras to not know who Malaysian Official 1 is - which can arguably be deemed already to be a reality given the cache of elected BN representatives already in place in parliament!

You can be assured that a conspiracy exisit and even as I write this, it is being organized and formalized under the recently established Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia,

Asia Briefs: New political party in Malaysia approved

The Straits Times-1 hour ago
PUTRAJAYA • Malaysia's Registrar of Societies has approved in principle ... new political party, to be known as Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, ...

I greet the news of the formation of this new political entity with hope.

Hope that that Malay billionaire couple in Seri Perdana  being fiddle by that young upstart Chinese will be brought to justice soon. With hope that that upstart young billionaire Chinese fiddling the billionaire couple in Seri Perdana will also be brought to justice. 

And while all these is being done, do spare a thought for the Malaysian public whose money have been used to make these two parties billionaires in the first place.