Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Nazri Aziz : Camna ada manusia macam ini : Bapak Monyet Emak kera ka?

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is an honest leader who has consistently practised accountability and transparency in carrying…

steadyaku47 comment : Nazri Aziz is not an honorable man. He is a corrupt man whose work in government is to lick the backside of those who can decide his fate. He is one of those budak budak suruhan of Umno criminal elites. Many think that this Nazri fellow is one of those "berani mati" warriors of Umno when in fact the truth is far from that. Dia ni berani mati pasal kalau dia tak buat macam di suruh oleh dia punya Boss...dia yang mampus lah.

How not to mampus. 

He lives beyond his means. He children lives beyond their means. His wives lives beyond their means. Only corruption saves them. And when you are corrupt you need the "protection" of the also corrupt criminal political elites in Umno - and they all go on their merry way of plundering and pillaging our national coffers until Umno is no longer the government in power - and then they mampus lah!  

Nazri is caught in that spiral of take take and more take....he is clinging to the culture of corruption flourishing within Umno. His nose is just above water, his arms are getting tired at holding on to the rotten lifelines being thrown by his criminal masters to keep him above water and all he can hope for is for his masters to keep throwing him some crumbs to keep his head above this latest one where he tells us that Najib Razak is an "honest leader". Oh yes...I forget to tell you that he is also a liar!

The closest I have been to him was when I was in Parliament many years ago, visiting friends, and he was sitting a few feet away....and the putrid air wafting from his personal self almost choked me. You can sense the palpable evil within this guy...and we literally got up and moved away from him lest some of that despicableness rubs off him and settles on our skin!