Thursday, 1 September 2016

Zika Virus : Malaysia

[01/09 2:27 AM] Breaking News, we just received confirmation of 1 Zika case at HSB. The patient Chinese female went to Spore with husb to visit their doter on 19/8. Came back to Msia on 21/8. Dev fever 1/7 and facial rash 1/52 later on 28/8. On 29/8 seek treatment an admitted . Today 31/8 lab confirmed Zika virus.

So please b vigilant all Hosps since we now hav a case in our shores. Kes Awam hav started contact tracing. Our worry is how how many has she infected fr Spore to her home in Klang. HTAR , be alert. Her doter in Spore also confirmed +ve Zika. Please do th necessary. O & G clinics plis caution all pats. Tq all