Thursday, 1 December 2016


Journalists are not the only ones subscribing to ideals. Along with other pursuers of justice, fair play and equality from other circles, we plod on and rage against a system that has strayed from the right path.

Reformists abound in our society. And like them, we tried to be the vanguards of truth without a hidden agenda.  

We are not cowed by the bullies. Nor do we fear the bigots or the crooks that mask themselves as patriots and champions of race and religion.
We sought to highlight the wrongs, and be the voice of those who are unable to speak for themselves. That voice is no more.
The Heat Malaysia is not the first, nor will it be the last to lose that voice.
The staff of The Heat Malaysia has been informed that the portal will cease operation on Dec 1. It is a business decision, we were told.
We “have done well to push back the boundaries of political and societal correctness”, according to an intellectual in our society. And that is the biggest compliment a news website could get.
As it is, there is a paucity of rational and creative thinking. We are seeing intellectual life getting drained out of our society. To suggest we don’t ask tough questions and meekly submit to prescribed thinking is akin to making society dumb.
We will take a step backward if we close the forum for intelligent exchanges among our citizens, discourage positive dissension and applaud the parroting of government views. The fear of self-examination by the authorities dilutes the intellectual substance of our nation. Society can never grow without proper introspection.
As one of our columnists has said — keep reading the news, keep forming an opinion, and keep sharing your thoughts. Goodbye.