Thursday, 8 September 2016

cakap cakap ...Life

My wife has not been too happy these last week or so. I can see it in the looks she gives me and the furrow on her brow as she looks towards me as I sit beside her for her meals or just to watch TV. As I have told you in an earlier posting, I have embarked on perhaps the last great adventure of my life....and I cannot explain to her what it is that I am trying to I am sure she wonders....and that tugs at my heartstrings. 

Those of you who also care for loved ones who are not well must sometimes wonder what goes on in the mind of those that they are caring for. These days even a slight nudge from my wife to tell me that she is ready for the next mouthful of a meal I am giving to her means so much to me. When she reaches out to hold my face and gives me that look that says that all is OK...that too makes my whole day good. But of course, there are also the times when I wonder if she knows who I am...but then I know who she is...and that is all that matters. And so we go through our life in this manner, ups and downs, high's and lows but always together. I would not want it to be any other way.

When I look back at our almost five decades of living life together I sometimes think back about what were the best times of our lives,....and invariably I know it is this : every moment we spent together, especially when our kids were living with us, all those times were good. But we never knew it then. If we only knew what we know now...what great fun it would have been to go through those times again and be able to savor every minute of it knowing full well that those were the best times of our life! But it is never too late for us because we still have each other. 

Life is good.