Saturday, 10 September 2016

NAJIB WILL NOT DARE! Dia ni tak ada telok! Lelaki dayus.

The Wall Street Journal warns: "...The risk of communal violence is real, and there are striking parallels to past eruptions. The 1969 riots began after the UMNO-led coalition almost lost a general election as Chinese voters turned to the opposition. Then-Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman supported a protest against insults to Malay leaders, much as Mr. Najib did last year.

Since 1969, racial tensions have risen whenever disunity within the Malay community threatened UMNO’s political dominance. The ruling coalition barely held on to its parliamentary majority in the 2013 election despite losing the popular vote.

The government’s motive to fan Malay nationalism will grow as details of the U.S. lawsuit and international investigations into 1MDB reach the Malay heartland. If Mr. Najib chooses to stoke resentments against ethnic minorities, he may succeed in holding on to power, but at immense cost to Malaysia."
Najib Razak fans fear of foreign plots and traitors to shore up support, says an editorial in The Wall Street Journal.
steadyaku47 comment :  I beg to differ from what WSJ is saying as in the above editorial extract. For sure this irresponsible Najib Razak led government is trying to fan racial sentiments and Malay Nationalism to serve his personal agenda and that of Umno but this is not the Malaysia of 1969 when racial sentiments could be whipped up by an Umno stalwart at the drop of a hat! This is not the same Malaysia of 1969 where Umno's hold over the Malays was total and the Malays and Umno were one. 
Today we have social media. Today Malaysians are informed and knowledgeable of the money politics, the corruption and the abuse of political power by the criminal political elites  for personal financial gain in all its detail. Today we know about 1MDB, about that RM2.6 billion donation, about Altantuya...and just about every abuse, misuse and use of political power by these criminal elites for their personal advantage. 
Malaysian are divided. The Malays are divided. Umno is divided! 
Can you see Najib Razak exhorting the Malays to take arms to defend Bangsa, Ugama dan Negara against the others? Can you see anybody in Umno able to do this? And if they did try who will respond? The Red Shirts? The Mat Rempits? The Malays in the Kampongs? Huh...not all the money Umno can pay them will make them want to lay their life down for Umno or Najib! That bloody berani mati idiot, Nazri Aziz , will be the first one to turn and run...for even he knows that once he is dead, he can no longer enjoy the corrupt spoils of political office that he has amassed.
No way! 
The Rakyat will not be moved in numbers large enough to make another May 13th possible in the times that we live in today. Perish that thought. ...if anything another May 13th might be the trigger to oust Najib Razak and the Flying Hippo. Another May 13th would be an opportunity for the Rakyat to follow through on what Reformasi and Bersih have already started. 
And more to the point....NAJIB WILL NOT DARE! Dia ni tak ada telok! Lelaki dayus!   
The Flying Hippo? Maybe in a wrestling match she can sit on her opponents and score a technical win...but this is not a wrestling match. This is real life. Malaysians do not want a May 13th and there are enough of us around to make sure it does not happen....just as there are enough of us to vote them out at the next general election!