Saturday, 10 September 2016

cakap cakap....saturday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon...and all is quiet in our apartment and out on the streets of Fitzroy where we live. I was out briefly around noon today to collect my boarding pass for my trip to Sydney esok....cheapest fare available, first flight out at 6.45 AM and both batteries for my mobile already charged to the max. On the way back from getting my boarding pass I stopped to get a couple of Pitango Soup for my wife for her lunch and dinner when I am not around tomorrow. Heat and serve and nutritious - my wife's favorite.  

It is 4.45 PM now. She is resting and asleep. 

I am thinking of starting to Vlog.

What is vlog (video blog)? - Definition from › Topics › Learning Tools › Video
A vlog (or video blog) is a blog that contains video content. The small, but growing, segment of the blogosphere devoted to vlogs is sometimes referred to as the vlogosphere. Some bloggers have included video content for years.

The operational word here is "starting to think" ...I have not gone beyond thinking that is not entirely correct. With my son assist, I have done some trial runs. Lights camera and action sort of stuff. My diction is okay but everything else is up in the air. 

Not just in the "looks" department (who wants to watch a 69-year old man talk!) but confidence and belief in my ability to go to this next level of blogging, is between "can" and "cannot"....."boleh"...."tak boleh". 

My son tells me that this is the next level for bloggers I have watched some of these Vloggers doing their "thing". It is a challenge. Here is one of Casey Neistat - a leading light amongst Vloggers. In this video, he had been given an infringement notice by NYPD for NOT riding his bicycle in the bike lane. What he does here is show why it is not possible to ride in the bike lane ALL THE TIME and you can see in the video what happened. This video has been watched 17 million times and counting!


So do I Vlog or don't I? I will do more trial runs and then decide....between us, I would like to do a trial run for real in this blog.....maybe next week.

I know now that I cannot do without my Samsung Smart I have managed to do so until a few weeks ago is testimony to that maxim "What you do not know will not hurt you!". ....and yet I do ask myself how much more I could have done if I did know! It took my son to insist that he must get me one to try....I tried, and now I know it is a tool I cannot do without in blogging. I am still trying to understand why it is that I do not have to pay for whatsapp phone calls to any part of the world...just too good to be true.... to be able to talk to someone in London, Moscow or Canada for zilch! Amazing!

I read about Anwar's daughter, Nurul, telling us that her father's choice to reconcile with Mahathir was not easy "The fact that my father shook his hand and managed a warm smile, symbolised the importance of moving forward to strengthen Malaysia's democracy rather than focusing on personal suffering"...translation : That's what politician do to remain relevant.  

Leave it be Nurul....they are all grown men and they know what they do....what matters now is the future....moving at least we are agreed on that!

Sometimes I think I talk too much...and if Anwar reads what I write then I am in trouble. But I do wish that I am in trouble with Anwar because that would mean he is out of Sungai Buloh and can hantam me! That would be another day we can look forward to in the hopefully near future...his walk to freedom...again!

Until then...Lawan Mesti Lawan!