Friday, 2 September 2016

There Is No Way Back

You opened Pandora's box. 
There is no way back.
The whole system of Government has been compromised. 
Now your storm troopers are blatantly throwing cash around and telling the masses that there will be more in the way of donations. 
There is no need for transparency. 
Political funds are falling from the sky.

There is no credibility anymore. 
59 years of Independence, 
through thick and thin, 
we have strived to maintain 
going forth to attain the status of a developed nation. 

It was just a dream, now bodering on nightmare.

How could this happen to Malaysia? 
A country that was the envy of so many emerging nations.
A role model painstakingly developed and nurtured by leaders of the past.

Now we have uncouth thugs roaming the horizon 
and speaking in the voice of the leadership. 
Yet there is no admonishment, 
not even a rap on the knuckles.

In the autumn of my life. 
It still matters to me whether there will be a future for my country, for our young ones.

Mohamad is a man past three scores and a decade in age.
Here he tells us eloquently the beating of his sorrowfill heart.
the hoplessness he feels at the state of our nation today,
and he echos the very thoughts that worries us all :
WIll there be a future for our children?