Thursday, 1 December 2016

Siti Kasim : Fighting for the Termiars!

"In every civilised country the Natives are treated with human rights.Their needs are discussed with compassion. Conflict resolved with due cognition of their disadvantaged circumstances. Their minority status is respected. Only barbaric society that practices quaint archaich religion will use or misuse the brute force of the law on the powerless natives as in Gua Musang. Boy oh boy am i glad i live in a civilised part of the world" . Robert Chelliah

Treating our Orang Asli like common criminals. I was so angry seeing this. When I wanted to see them as my clients in Court, the Forestry people have the gall to stop me from seeing them. They obviously have no clue that everyone has a right to see their lawyers. I was about to complaint to the Magistrate when one TPR told them I must be allowed to see the OAs.
Then as I was talking to them, the Forest Officers were surrounding us. That really gets up my tits la kan... I told them to F-off and again the TPR told them to leave and left me with the OAs.
Really... they think they own the laws?