Sunday, 6 August 2017

cakao cakap ...pagi ahad.

Pagi Ahad. 9.00 AM

I miss my Father and Mother. Very much. 

It has been many decades since they both left me...much too long. I go from day to day with my life without thinking of them too much...until times like this morning....when not having them around any more hits me like a ton of bricks....and I stop what I do...and think of days long gone by....and I miss them. Very very much. I let myself be sad and all the love within me for them comes out in waves upon waves....but I am not too sad. I am happy that my life with them had been full of wonderful memories....and what they have thought me of life has made me the man I am today....a man who loves his family first and last. ..and whatever I have of life, because of what my parents have shown me of their life,  I am grateful and accepting of my lot. I cannot ask for more. Life is good if you can be content that all you need, you have and you can dispense with most of your wants....because it is what you want and you cannot have that makes one green with envy for the lot of others who are better off....and that makes for a life that I will not wish for myself.

And for all this...the person I have become today, I have my parents to thank for. At 70 all that I wish for the rest of what life I still have is that life will pass me by leaving me the man I am today...happy with my lot, content with my life and always, day in and day out, doing the things I want to do : living life the best way I can and be with my wife. My wife with whom I have been since I was 21 and will be, God willing, until we are parted. I love her so very much as my father love my cannot ask for much more.  

Forgive me for this indulgence....I just had to write what is in my heart at this very moment. Amen.