Friday, 4 August 2017

Cakap cakap from democratic, non-corrupt, humanitarian NZ.

Pemerhati: “Najib has used a variety of strategies to steal tens of billions from the Malaysians….In the Scorpene deal he stole about half a billion by using the traditional method used by most of the other Umno thieves by paying excessively for the submarines and then getting kick-backs from the seller. In the case of the 1MDB…he borrowed large sums of money and stole billions from that borrowed money. In the Felda case he brought a former thief (Isa) to steal by first collecting billions with an unnecessary IPO and then using that money and borrowed money to buy ‘dubious assets’ at exorbitant prices. The exorbitant prices obviously would have resulted in huge kick-backs to Isa, who would have then shared them with Najib. Mahathir’s entry into Harapan has scared Najib and so he has decided to return some of the stolen billions to the Felda people by using the tax-payers money while retaining the stolen billions.”

Kim Quek: “That Isa Samad was rewarded with a prestigious appointment instead of being punished for the heinous and disastrous mismanagement of Felda and FGV is a clear indication of the heavy hands of Najib in these obviously fraudulent deals that have ruined FGV and Felda, in particular, the notorious PT Eagle High Plantation deal. It is hoped that Pakatan Harapan and Invoke will go deep into Felda settlements to explain in ways they can easily understand how they have been mercilessly fleeced by their corrupt leaders, to whom they have shown undivided loyalty all these years.” Source: Malaysiakini
I write from democratic, non-corrupt, humanitarian NZ.

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With thanks to saudara abdul rahman