Tuesday, 8 August 2017


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Partly Cloudy

My last posting last night on this blog was way past midnight....

At that time of the morning I was tired. In between having dinner for myself and giving dinner to my wife, I had spent most of yesterday evening on calls to Sydney, K Hell, London and Canada. Messages were exchanged on emails and whatsapp....and when I could, write a little, cut and paste a little for steadyaku47.When I got into bed at around 1am I reached out (as is my habit) for my wife's hand to hold on to as I drift to sleep....bad choice...usually she is fast asleep and that would not disturb her....but not last night! She woke up and I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get her to go to sleep again. At 5 am this morning I was awake. Got out of bed to turn on the heater in the living room...and got back under the blankets to wait for the room to heat up while letting my mind meander here and there to ready myself to write. It now just past 7am and I am at my desk with a cup of Tettly tea infused with Mango and Strawberry, ready to start my blogging day....

.........a bit tired with just a few hours sleep...but lawan mesti lawan!

First thing first....thank you all for reading what I write.Yesterday pageviews was over 20K and should get up to 25K by 10am this morning when the next day pageviews count will start.  

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month

The only way for me to get those figures is to write, write and write...and write good copy. And share with you guys anything good out there on the Net that I personally like...cut and paste.And that is why I am at my desk again this blog until my wife awakes and my day with her starts....until then I blog.
I have been a bit self indulgent these last few minutes writing about me...but I want to share with you all how my day starts...what life as a blogger entails. What worries me most about blogging is this : Before you start to write you must have something to write about. And more important...what you intend to write about better be interesting enough for others to click onto your blog to read it. ...and that my friend is a daunting thought to have because maybe, just maybe, what I think is good copy may be rubbish to you. What I think is important may be of no interest to you. And what I want to share with you may be something you would rather not be bothered with because there are other more interesting and important things for you to interest yourself in. I am sure other bloggers have these worries too. 
I have spent almost 30 minutes indulging myself in writing this piece. Enough for now....let me try go to the more "interesting" stuff now. Amen.