Wednesday, 2 August 2017

If primates could talk...

The Bugis Monkey
"Lu tolong sama gua. gua tolong sama lu..."

Second most beautiful monkey in Asia

“We have to make beautiful clothes to attend functions, but the prices are way too high. For those who can afford, it’s all right. But what about housewives like us, with no income?”

“He (Najib) feels sorry for me, and I too feel sorry for him. We feel sorry for each other.”

The Monkey aka FLOM

"Now if I want to dye my hair at home, the hairdresser charges me RM1,200. Wow, that is expensive but they say the price is different in the store. It’s pricey because it is home service..."

The Monkey with the non-halal kidney".

“Well done…Bravo…Long live Hitler.” 

The GST monkey

No! No! No! I did not lie.......Pelaksanaan Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST) boleh menurunkan harga barang seperti kereta, perabot dan juga barangan elektrik.

“This is my own homecooked recipe: Vegetable, egg, chilli, rice, salt, meat, onions, chicken, oil, and cooking oil. No GST!”

“Patutlah tanya pelik-pelik. Tanya kos apa semua… nanti you spin. Rm3 jadi RM30. Jangan spin ma.. tulis betul-betul. You bagus, you punya bosses tak bagus.”

"come....I have a condo in Bangsar...."

“Those were the answers given to me when I asked them the reason for their donation. They also told me that Malaysia was not the only country they have donated money to. They have also helped other Islamic countries,I also met with the investment officer of the wealthy Arab family, who explained how the first US$100mil was given via a cheque under Najib’s name and the rest through other channels.I saw the documents myself – the original documents, not photostated ones, and I also saw the money trail,”

Don't Talk Shit! Don't talk shit! Don't talk shit!

Yes I started the the boxing academy. It is the first boxing training centre under the Felda concept.

UMNO DULU, KINI DAN SELAMA LAMANYA...f**king each other all the way!

The TS Mat Shaftee Dollar monkey aka the "kiss me where the sun does not shine" lawyer buruk! 

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. This TS Mat Shaftee Dollar monkey had to go looking in Saiful the monkey anus in the hope of finding greatness in the eyes of Umno. Brother you find find a number of unsavory things there but greatness will not be one of them!

"The $681m transferred into prime minister Najib Razak’s personal bank account was a gift from the royal family in Saudi Arabia, and there were no criminal offences or corruption involved"

"Come up lah......the Mufti

told me its OK to fornicate when we are riding on the camel"....

The proposal to hold motorcycle races on city streets is to combat illegal betting that comes with the "mat rempit" culture.I’m not legalising them, but I’m just giving them the space. After giving them space, hopefully they will not race in neighborhoods. Maybe we can allow these races to take place monthly once or twice. They don’t understand because they don’t walk the streets like I do. Pity these Mat Rempit. Most of them race because they don’t have other entertainment,”

“I don’t have a problem if they want to ban me from Twitter. If I’m banned, there are 126,000 others who will monitor it,”