Sunday, 6 August 2017

SarawakReport : Rulers are not blind, deaf and dumb?

Sarawak Report

Time The Sultans Did What They Are Paid Handsomely To Do?

6 August 2017

Sultan Nazrin Shah said that it was the responsibility of the rulers to observe, monitor and to have the courage to tick off those running the administration to ensure that they were transparent, sincere, accountable and honest in carrying out their responsibilities for the overall peace, prosperity and well-being of the nation.
He said the ruler was not merely there to fulfill the traditional functions of a constitutional monarchy or as a symbol of power in performing ceremonial tasks.
“The ruler is not just a rigid decorative monument, who is lifeless and with no soul. Rulers are not blind, deaf and dumb.


Sultan Nazrin Shah has spoken the absolute truth, so isn’t it high time the Sultans do the job he has outlined and earn the role they have in Malaysia’s constitution?
Acting blind, deaf and dumb is exactly what these royals have done so far in this crisis of corruption and since Sultans come by no means cheap, their failure to act against numerous abuses of the constitution is going to give a mighty strong arguments to those republicans who lurk around the place.
On the other hand, if they stand up now, then most Malaysians will be confirmed in their support of what many in the world would describe as an outdated system of royalty.