Monday, 7 August 2017

cakap cakap...Monday morning. Life is Good!

Good morning all. Very late night last night. My son has installed Apple TV on the TV I have in the bedroom. This gives me access to the Internet and You Tube on my TV....and I was catching up on world events - especially all the hoopla surrounding President Donald J Trump. With headphones on, all warm and relax in my bed, I would recommend you guys surf the net and You Tube this way because you can listen to every word said, how it is said and understand what is being said without any interference from anyone or anything else around you. No ....I did not go to any site which had Umno, Najib or Rosmah....I already know what there is to know about them!

It is Monday morning now and am about to try and start work on my blog....cappuccino to wake me up already on my desk light is on because I like my blind down when I need to think....and you need to think to write....and the week beckons!

When I took a break from blogging a few weeks back, the number of daily visitors to steadyaku47 went down to 5K and I have, since then, worked diligently to bring those numbers back to a respectable level....and last week it has averaged 20K day. Thank you guys for reading what I write. Now I am back on song and I hope you guys forgive me for that lapse in my blog work rate. 

My favourite posting of the last few weeks? This one....

Anyway....Life is good.

I have a few things to do this morning for my wife before I can seriously sit down at my desk and blog....but I already know this will be a good week....for you guys that read what I write and for me! 


A few things I have been working on for the past many many months is begging to gel...a friend from KL - from MCKK days..... is back in Melbourne and we will be having a Laksa lunch soon.....I think Najib is almost at the end of his "use by date".......Razak Baginda is once again a hunted man......the ghost of Altantuya once again rises and haunts those who have been responsible for her murder....etc etc etc.... so it will be a good week for bloggers!

Lawan mesti Lawan!