Tuesday, 1 August 2017

cakap cakap...najib, umno, Mahathir dan lain lain.

I wish I could say that it is easy to see someone like Najib fall onto his own sword. I wish I could say that it is time that Karma takes him out of Putrajaya and out of our life. I had long hoped, prayed and worked towards seeing this happen within my life time. Prayed and worked not only for the political demise of Najib but also that of Umno...the fall of an Umno that we all know now, and all those who have been responsible for the ruination and utter collapse of a once great Malay party. 

It is not easy to see Najib and those in Umno fall....for you see they are all of my own kind....Malaysians. It only serves to confirm that we humans are at our weakest when we are blind to what is around us and will look only to our own needs, our own wants, our own greed, our own salvation and in doing so, we become blind to the needs and wants of those around us. Each of us have been guilty of these failings in various degrees but our failings have been played out more often then not, in the privacy of our own private world....but for Najib and all those that have been a part of Umno coming demise, their failings and their fall from grace will be witnessed by all of us.

Do not blink my friends for what you are now seeing has been seen through history too many times....from the Fall of the Roman Empire, the collapse of the Third Reich, Marcos, Suharto, Gaddafi, Saddam. Mubarak and now Najib and Umno.....history is littered with the fall from grace and political power of all those who have failed the very people who have given them that political power. This truth is relentless.

So what of the Umno house of cards that Najib has built and had to live in? How long before it is all blown away by the prevailing winds of change that seems to gathers strength by the day and now blows across our nation and threatens to blow away Najib's and Umno's house of cards any day now!

Take a few minutes to see how Najib manages to put himself in harms way....he lies, he makes promises he cannot keep and tragically he is far removed from the realities of the present. As always...when Najib spews lies and falsehood he also spews spittle. He can wipe the spittle away but the lies that he spews comes back to haunt him. Just as Altantuya haunts him. Just as his greed and use of dedak haunts him. Just as he knows that the house of cards that he has built on greed, dedak, incompetence and the use and abuse of political power for himself, for Umno and for BN haunts him and will cause that house of card to fall around him.

A powerful, able and competent leader like Mahathir can rally his troops. Mahathir has faced impossible odds before and overcome them. Then in victory he uses that advantage  to build the future he had aspired to. Time and time again he has done this from outside Umno, then for 22 years from within Umno and now again, at 92, he has to do it again, from outside Umno.  Do not forget that every time that he had to do so, he has succeeded. 

Now ask yourself this....are the odds that Mahathir has to face today impossible for him to overcome? I think not! 

Do we want Najib as Prime Minister? No!

Are the Malays undivided against Umno? No!

Is MCA able to deliver the Chinese votes to BN? No!

Can Sabah and Sarawak be depended upon to meekly submit to BN demand for support as they did in PRU13 without asking for more....much more? No! 

None of this and more....all that will favour the Umno led Barisan Nasional headed by a certainty no more.....the odds are now in Mahathir's favour! 

And there are more....much more questions to be asked....much more odds to be accounted for and talked about....but the sense of failure around Umno leaders and it's grass roots are palpable. The smell of defeat swirls around all things Umno and the the fear and dread of coming retribution that will surely come once political power is taken away .....all this you will see happen in that house of cards that Najib and Umno has built. In the coming days, weeks and months Najib's and Umno house of cards will starts to shake as Mahathir harness the odds to favour us all. Of this I have no doubt. 

Now what of Najib as a leader?

This man a leader? Huh!

Did you ever think about Najib Razak without thinking about Rosmah? Seriously....have any of you thought about Najib Razak without thinking about her? Yes we joke about who is prime minister in seri perdana...joke about her attending and calling for cabinet meetings ...about her jetting here and there on "urusan kerajaan"...about Najib hiding behind her voluminous skirts...about Najib being "queen control"...but jokes much of that are jokes and how much of that is reality? 

If we all already laughing at Najib Razak....what do you think those around him do? Does his cabinet ministers not laugh as we do at the antics of a wife who knows her husband place because she is the one who puts him there? Do they not laugh when they see Najib and Rosmah trying to be "presidential"  in China and instead end up making fools of themselves? Do they not laugh when they see Najib singing like an idiot and making a fool of himself with Duterte?


This is their leader? Certainly not!

And now there is the matter of the DPM. The curse of being Umno's number two again comes to haunt those who have been passed the poisoned chalice....this time it is Zahid Hamidi. 

Whether self inflicted or the work of others who wants him gone, Zahid Hamidi has already drank from that chalice....and all that is left is the timing of his going. 

For sure there is money to be made...dedak to be collected....but what happens when they think the dedak is about to dry up? No Najib is not their leader...they see Najib as we see Najib....a bumbling, queen control coward who is, for now, their periok nasi. 

We know what Anwar and Mahyuddin did when they were no longer DPM. We have seen what Azizah and Nurrul did after Anwar was no longer DPM. We know what Lim Guan Eng and Kit Siang did after they were incarcerated under the ISA. Now we know what Mahathir has done after he is no longer PM, no longer with Proton or longer Ahli Umno. This are what leaders do when all is lost. This is what leaders do when all that they have is taken away from them and they must, by themselves, rise again from the ashes of whatever that they have left. By what they have done, Anwar, Mahyuddin, Lim Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Azizah, Nurul and Tun Dr. Mahathir and many other Malaysians are now our leaders. 

I wait to see what Najib and Rosmah will do when that time comes, as we all know it must....if not tomorrow, next week, next month...and it will come soon....the time when all that they now have - political power and money - has been taken away from them. 

Let me talk about something I know...about something that I have been doing work on. About Altantuya and about Sirul. Whether it be a civil or criminal matter, the case against those involved in Altantuya's murder is proceeding. There will come a time when Najib will have to stand in court to answer for his part in her murder. As for Sirul now in detention in Villawood in Sydney...for now at least...Najib has him isolated, without a voice and Sirul will keep quiet for as long as he thinks Najib will still be prime minister of Malaysia and he will still be able to get something out of Najib. Now ask yourself what Sirul will do if Najib is no longer prime minister?       

And Sirul is but just one of those "things" that Najib has to take care of for as long as he wants to be prime minister or stay as prime minister. What about those guys who carried Rosmah's luggage onto the plane when she went to Turkey? What about Jho Loh? What about the people in 1MDB who knows what has been going in there? And all those guys now carrying Najib's balls...the AG, the IGP, the Minister in Najib's cabinet, the Mufti's etc etc etc.

We are fascinated by the last hours of a man condemned to be executed for a crime....we want to know what he wanted as his last did he spend his last day on death did he behave in his last few hours before his execution....and what were his last words.....but all this is played out in the confines of a prison far far away from our prying eyes. 

But for Najib and Rosmah, things will be different. We are all lining up to get the best seat in the house to see the imminent political demise of Najib Razak....and then we await the prosecution and if need be, the persecution of the two of them and the whole damm corrupt bunch of politicians and government servants etc etc who have been part and parcel of their time in political office that has made our nation one of the most corrupt country on the face of this earth! And I say Amen to that!