Saturday, 5 August 2017

steadyaku47 : umno cybertroopers cari makan?

More comments from this Juarez Matez....

Juarez Matez

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How true is that. 1MBD debt to IPIC is a tecnical matter. As far as the account concern, it has been paid.
Remember that it is IPIC that pull out of the arbitration and settle this privately.
Among the guilty individual that had been proven guilty ,charge and jailed by Spore judiciary were all Chinese and one Ang Moh. The mastermind Jho Low is hiding.
Why do not Spore go after Malaysian PM if they think he is involve?

brother....slow down sikit lah...or are you being paid by each comment that you post on my blog? There are over 10,000 posting on this are going to be a very busy man and making lots and lots of dedak! Go for it brother....

steadyaku47 comment : I have just noticed today that I have been getting comments on what I write  from this guy every few minutes...happened before and I guess will happen again. I am flattered that "they" think it worth paying someone money to harass me. ...good for you Juarez least your periok nasi is being filled. No lah I will not block you...I do not want to kachau your periok nasi. 

Juarez Matez

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What is so great about Spore? Fool by the wonders that made your mind suffering from hallucinations.

Juarez Matez

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There were just as plenty photos about Anak Anwar , Anak Mahathir. ....Anak bontot. Are u not ashame about that. Anak Malay, Anak Chinese all the same.
Do you have to be responsible for their sins? If a Muslim drink alcohol, it is their choice. Nobody says they cannot drink alcohol? Its their choice.
Do police arrest them for something that they have done?

Juarez Matez

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This woman look like Clare Rewcastle mate. Hijacking somebody photo ? Are u a western propagandist? Equal to that of Wall Street jounarlists.

Juarez Matez

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Malaysia performance is great. Chinese business benefit from that progressive state. Wealth is already on the stage and it seems that the opposition desperate want to grab that wealth. No way.
The fact that there are many Chinese tycoons shows that they benefited from the current excellent governance.

budak ni betul kerjakuat....lagi dia punya comment