Friday 4 August 2017

The Rafizi Tsunami sudah mari!

11PM Melbourne Thursday August

I was talking to an acquaintance earlier on when a friend in K Hell whatsapp me news of Rafizi collecting RM1.5 million in ten days! I smiled to myself when that news came through. My friend, seeing me smile, asked why? Now he does not know who the hell Rafizi I was trying to figure out how to explain the situation to him....and this was what I said. 

Me : "This guy is a member of parliament who is going to jail for violating the Official Secrets Act ....for unauthorised possession of government documents. He needed $300,000 to pay damages and costs for another case in which the court ruled against him. He made a public appeal and raised RM1.5million."

The Guy : He is going to jail....he lost a court case ...and he collects RM1.5 million in donation from the public when he only needs RM300K?" 

I shrug my shoulders and told the guy : "He (Rafizi) is a good guy....and he has the people on side". ...and I left it at that!

I am now back in my small apartment in Fitzroy. It is cold outside. Very cold...

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Precipitation: 63%
Humidity: 95%
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The news of Rafizi collecting RM1.5 million in ten days warms me up! RM1,5 million when he only needs RM$300K.....Jesus Christ! Najib and Rosmah must be shitting bricks in Seri Perdana! This is a message to Najib and Rosmah from the people of Malaysia. They are giving Rafizi "fuck you" that he can tell NFC..."Here is the money...fuck you!". 

This is not Rafizi telling the Rakyat "You help me, I tell you!" This is Rafizi asking for help from the Rakyat....and they did not disappoint him!

Of the 5,135 contributors whose details are available, 1,575 are Malays, 2,903 are Chinese, 348 are Indians, 40 are Sabah bumiputeras and 91 are Sarawak bumiputeras."

The amount collected is five times more than what he was ordered to pay NFC.

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