Friday, 4 August 2017

Pagi Jumaat : Selamat Pagi Malaysia

From Former Forex Head of BNM:
"What I am worried of is in the event 1MDB or MoF fails to settle the IPIC obligation, it will trigger a cross default on all Malaysia's public external debt which can result in great repercussions on this country and its people except for the priveleged few who have knowingly made preparations.
Sad. Hope and pray this will not come to pass.

Do the current public officials understand and realise this risk?"

steadyaku47 comment : It is now 5.46 am here in Melbourne. It is 3.51 am in K Hell. 

I have searched in my mind for what to greet you guys in Malaysia with on this Friday morning. Something witty perhaps, some feel good story...or maybe even some words of wisdom from the archives of the past.....but nothing registers in my head.  

I had gone to sleep the night before invigorated by that tight, stinging slap that many many Malaysian have given Najib when they gave so generously to Rafizi that RM$300K he needed to pay NFC...and more....much much more....over RM1 million more and counting. 

I have been awake since 4 am - unable to continue my sleep thinking of many things. Many things that really has no relevance in my life except to burden me with worry and expectations. Worry if the things I have planned to make possible in the coming weeks will eventuate. Expectations not of what I can hope to happen will happen but expectations that as usual, my fellow beings will let me down....but as always...we have to live in hope that all will be well.

But all things considered the overwhelming thing that I wanted to do this morning, was to greet you guys with reality. With the truth. The reality is that our country is f**ked. The truth is that our prime minister is responsible for f**king up this nation of ours.....and nothing can conveyed that reality and that truth more then to share with you all, the above quote from the former Forex Head of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Read it my it well....and take note of the sentiment expressed towards the end of that quote:


Yes friends, the state of our nation this Friday morning, leaves me SAD and all I can do, from here in Melbourne thousands of kilometres away from K Hell - is to HOPE AND PRAY....hope and pray that my beloved Malaysia will survive Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor. 

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. 
P.S. It is now 6.23 am and I just realised that I do need more sleep...and so to bed.