Sunday, 10 January 2016

cakap cakap....about "graceful exit", Najib and Zahid.

Towards the end of November 2015 I received a call from a fellow blogger in KL who asked if I have heard anything about Najib negotiating for a "graceful" exit from Umno and, by default, from his position as PM.

I said "no" and given the uncertainties that now prevailed within Umno and the political conundrum that is Malaysian politics, I ventured an opinion that any information volunteered by anybody on the issue should be regarded more with scepticism than with any hope of truth. 

He continued to insists that his "sources" from within Zahid's camp are quietly confident that somewhere in the coming 2016 year, their "boss" would PM..."Rosmah or no Rosmah!" and that his "sahabats" in Johor have already had discussions with Zahid's "boys" on this matter.

This early morning he again called me to ask if I have seen the recent reports re discussions about the same matter we discussed earlier about Najib leaving before his term was out and he wanted to ask my reaction and comments to the email he sent me a few days back on the same matter detailing a number of "meetings" that have already set that "graceful exit" into a time frame of months rather than "before the next general election!". 

I had to remind him that what he sent me was vague and hazy in details and would not stand any scrutiny by those who read what we bloggers write...unless our intent was to create mischief among those who are waiting and wanting for Najib to leave office. On this issue we argued momentarily without coming to any agreement and in the end he asked that I should at least write about my own thoughts on what has transpired since he last spoke to me in November 2015. And this I will do now.

It is obvious that Najib Razak's position as president of Umno, for now, is secured in as long as he has access to the funds required to buy into his position as president of Umno. 

However his position as prime minister is no longer tenable because already 51% of the electorate has rejected him at the last general election and with the passing of time since then, any change in these numbers would, by common consensus, not favor Najib, BN or Umno.

Even Umno can figure that out for themselves. So can Najib and so can Zahid his deputy. The only option left for Umno, Najib and Zahid is to work out that "graceful exit" soonest. 

All the flaks coming from Muhyiddin, Mahathir and their ilk are all "friendly fire".....they want Najib to go but not at the expense of Umno for Umno is what makes them all relevant and rolling in the gravy. 

So any talk of Najib leaving office as PM and as president of Umno is merely stating the obvious. That it will happen is obvious - but when.... would be a matter for them to resolve among themselves. Altantuya, 1MDB, Rosmah are all contributory factors that will only have relevance when Najib refuses to leave when there are enough numbers within Umno who wants him to.

Until then...Que Sera, Sera!...I am not going to lose sleep on it and neither should you!  

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