Saturday, 23 January 2016

cakap cakap...more stories about that man who gave his life in the service of our nation!

Not many know this, but Chinese of Kuantan should be thankful to Tun Razak. After he went underground to join Wataniah forces which was part of Force 136, he was assigned to lead a group of men to save the Sultan of Pahang. Japanese tried to capture the Sultan (circumstances unknown why the Japanese wanted to capture the Sultan and how he evaded the Japanese), but couldn't find him after Japanese forces clashed with communist forces. Japanese forces, angry at not being able to capture the Sultan, spread leaflets in Malay in the area claiming the Sultan was killed by Chinese. Tun Razak's unit arrived to find the Sultan after the Japanese left and found the leaflet. He instructed his men to collect all leaflets and destroy them. 
My father too knew Tun Razak. He  says that TR was not racist. During WW2 he would give my dad lift to Central Market (sell chickens/eggs) and on his way back pick-up to Bentong. They used to go swimming with other boys some of whom not Malay.

Tr was also close to another Ajit, whose house he visited often and always made a beeline to the kitchen to scoff on the chapattis there.

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