Sunday, 24 January 2016

"Who was the person who had ordered him to kill and later blast the corpse of Altantuya to smithereens?"

steadyaku47 comment : Pak Arshad to Sirul...bertaubat lah!

Mohd Arshad Raji Raji

Convicted killer dismisses 'provocation' and 'false reports' by mass media and online sites.
What is the motive of Sirul to come out now to deny that Altantuya wasn't pregnant when she was blasted to death. Is he trying to protect someone from being accused of having an intimate affair with Altantuya. It is really pointless for Sirul to make such denial because there isn't anyway now for anyone to prove that Altantuya wasn't pregnant. What we want to know from Sirul are questions that has remained unanswered nor raised even during his prolong trial, one of which is, "who was the person who had ordered him to kill and later blast the corpse of Altantuya to smithereens?" Surely he would not have murdered that poor Mongolian lass without reason nor instruction. I am sure this question will haunt Sirul, and if he still insist upon keeping the motive of the murder secret till his last breath, the question will still have to be answered by him in his grave. Saya menasihatkan Sirul supaya bercakap benar dan janganlah cuba melindungi sesiapa dalam kes seberat ini. Awak bukan saja tidak akan tenang sepanjang hayat awak, dan jikalah benar awak membunuh Altantuya atas arahan, nyatakan siapa yang memberi arahan itu. Saya percaya awak tidak boleh melupai wajah Altantuya disaat ahkir hayatnya. Bertaubat lah Sirul.

Sirul Azhar Statement

Report No : 7380/06
Station : Travers
Name : Sirul Azhar bin Haji Umar
IC No : RF125591
Race : Malay
Date/Place of Birth : 29-1-1971
Age : 35 years male
Occupation : Police officer
Address of workplace : UTK, Bukit Aman


After urinating, she saw the weapon that I was holding. I saw that she was in a state of fear and she pleaded not to kill her and said she was expecting.

At the same time, Azilah wrestled the woman to the ground and I could see that she had fallen and was in an unconscious state. I opened fire towards the left side of the woman’s head.

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