Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Start looking at the Trees again....

steadyaku47 comment : This was posted by my niece Areti on her FB and it made me think long and hard about what we our self do that are negative when we should really focus on the positive. With thanks to Monica Batiste who wrote this piece. 

So beautifully written by A beautiful friend Monica Batiste.
I highly recommend this read!
Peace and Love Areti
I was on my yoga mat looking at the blue sky, clouds and trees, when i noticed a McDonald's bag stuck in a tree. i stared at it for ages. 'What's that doing there?' I wondered. I started thinking about rubbish and how fast food affects us - and before i knew it, i had shifted myself away from feeling positive (trees grass beach clouds sky friends peace calm) and was focusing on the tiniest piece gone wrong (one bag in the tree). I knew that if i kept looking at that bag for long enough, I would forget the peace around me, and start noticing the bits of rubbish on the ground, and that person over there smoking, and the noise from the passing truck, and the ache in my back. 

Am I controlling what I focus on? I wondered. Do I really have the ability to feel good or feel bad? 

Maybe I do. 

I took my eyes away from the rubbish and started looking at the trees again. I stayed focused. Soon I noticed another shift; a deeper breath and stillness. It is so easy, yet I have to remind myself to do it. 

I have decided that today I will commit to looking for what is right in my world. I will talk about what is working. I will focus on the good that is already here, and see what happens.
We deserve that, right? 

Let's do it.

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