Thursday, 28 January 2016

Quickies : Najib's Donation : Anti-Arab Sentiments Sweeping Across the Nation!

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I have always suspected these Arabs will cause trouble anywhere that they go to. Even in Malaysia. My taxi driver will not take an Arab as a passenger. And I will not have an Arab as a neighbour. I had one once and I know what they did. And now I hear that they not only finance world politic including Malaysia.
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Lias My
Lias My Atan, you are right about them Arabs. I now support you.
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Pak Idrus
Pak Idrus Yang nak jadi Arab tu mengapa; Pakai Jubah, Kepiah, Serban, berjanggut. Tak lagi pakai Baju Melayu dengan Songkok Hitam. How naive could that be!

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