Friday, 2 May 2014

Are we, the Malay Muslim unhappy with our lot?

steadyaku47 comment :  In the early hours of this Friday morning I came across this email from one of my schoolmates, Azam, outlining his views on hudud with a clarity that typifies his thoughts on issues that moves him to write....I think it worth sharing it here on this blog. With thanks to Azam.

Proper explanation is a must. The Prophet (pbuh) explained and discussed issues with
the ummah during his time.

Let us question further, why is there the need to introduce the Hudud now. Human 
society dislikes change, it is the natural inertia to carry on as usual. Change happen
when there are compelling reasons. Human society indeed had undergone major and
drastic changes even revolutions.when there were reasons.

Are we, the Malay Muslim unhappy with our lot. The proposal came from Pas, but it
may be that they bring it up because the majority in our society wants it. Yes, we do 
have many grouses. Economically our progress had not been much, in education some
progress. The well being of a society that is feeling safe and secure, a future with hope
for our children. Around us there are Malay drug addicts, involve in all sorts of crime.
Bribery is almost a part of life. Your commercial vehicle will not pass the Puspakom
exam without paying some kind of a tax through the runner. Is our society sick now?
Most will say that our society will be better, if matters were done differently.

Is this the underlying reason for the need to introduce the Hudud? Will it improve our
lot, or improvement can be made by some other ways. The Jews inherited laws from
Moses, the Christians had their biblical laws. These have similarities to the Hudud.  
But the Jews and Christians don't miss these similar laws, they had enacted new 
laws except for the capital punishment for murder. They are more progressive than 
Malaysia, which shows that how laws are implemented is the criteria for progress.

Is the introduction of the Hudud really wanting to implement the laws as in the Quran?
The categories of punishment in the Islamic penal code are not only the Hudud, but also
Qisas, Takzir and Diya. Qisas and Takzir had been covered in the introduction to this

Diya is a gift from Allah to us, followers of Prophet Muhammad. It was not given to  
followers of previous prophets. By it the punishment for murder need not be a life,
but the victim's heirs can forgive, or forgive and seek a just and reasonable 
compensation from the guilty party. The punishment in Malaysia for murder is still
the capital punishment, a legacy of the British common law which was derived from 
the bible. If any party really wants to introduce Islamic law in Malaysia, this should
be done before the Hudud. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan already practice this.

So what are the reasons for introducing the Hudud. Is it just to gain political mileage,
to show that I am holier than thou. I hope I am wrong here.

azam 64A

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