Monday, 26 May 2014

Berita Terkini : Panda to be sent back?

In news just received from Zoo Negara the two pandas at our zoo are now making petitions that they be sent back to China with immediate effect.
They cant stand being looked upon by the other animals as PANDAtang. 

Assurance from the authorities that other PENDATANGS having been given IC's (evidence below) have not been believed by the two Pandas. This incident has the potential of being blown up into a major diplomatic row between China and Malaysia. Evidence uncovered by PDRM so far indicates that the Chinese and the Christians in Malaysia have somehow managed to get to the Pandas and influenced their decision to go home before BTN could get to them!  

This has not been helped by conflicting comments made by Berahim Berok and Prime Minister Najib Razak:

More to follow:

Comment by Marcel Fernandez:

Marcel Fernandez Apa Panda Cina mahu lagi?
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Ahmad Murad Pindahkan saja ke Panda maran..
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Majlis Penguam akan memantau keadaan semasa!

Two long time resident of Zoo Negara (see pics below) are perplexed by all the attention the Pandas are getting and has petitioned Zoo Negara for equal treatment:

Petitioned are being drafted to include the following specie (a close relative of above) as one of Zoo Negara's exibit - please submit submission soonest to Zoo Negara.

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