Friday, 23 May 2014

Is this RSN Rayner brave, courageous....or is he a bloody stupid idiot?

This Rayner does have a lot of guts to say 'CELAK CELAKA & CELAKA TO Umno and to Sharizat in their face. He has a lot of guts and is a brave and courageous ADUN to do so...... but he is also a bloody stupid idiot! Tell me Rayner...apart from venting your own pent up anger at Umno...did it achieve anything else? 

Does this RSN Rayer  - the DAP ADUN guy from Seri Delima has a death wish?

Even KJ has the sense to say "You need a death wish to go against Perkasa" because KJ has the sense to back off when faced against mad dogs and those "berani mati" idiots like that Berahim berok!

Let me tell you this Rayner - you cannot expect to say that about Umno and get away with nothing done to Dap or to your personal self. There are enough "berani mati" guys in Umno who will go looking for you where ever you are and do vigilante justice unto you when they get hold of you- and you do not have the ability to take care of yourself 24/7. 

Those are the realities have seen what they did to Anwar Ibrahim and to   the late Karpal Singh outside parliament. Only the fact that the late Karpal was in a wheelchair stopped them from harming him physically. 

Apart from what you have done to get these Umno "berani mati" guys all riled up and wanting your a Lawyer and ADUN you should have enough sense and respect for your opponents (no matter what they do!) to conduct yourself in a fit and proper manner for someone in your position and in the State Assembly.

But the deed is done....let us now see how you conduct yourself when the threat of physical harm is directed at you 24/7...for you can be sure that for these "berani mati" Umno guys, you have to be taught a lesson! I may not agree with how that lesson is to be taught to you but I sure as hell agree that the least you should do is apologize...if you do not then be prepared to face the music! 

May the force be with you because PDRM will not!


If DAP is to have credibility in its attempt to be a responsible and decent political entity within the "Malaysian" context then it must tell it's representatives to cease and desists lowering their political manners and standards to the the abyss that Umno and it's Barisan Nasional partners have sunk to! 

Unfortunately Malaysians have grown familiarly accustomed to Umno leaders brandishing Keris in their attempt to put fear into non-Malays. From time to time we see Umno youth's 'berani mati' idiots running riot in the streets of KL and accosting anyone they consider "an enemy of Umno, the Malays and Islam" and generally making a nuisance of themselves.... but that is what they do!

We expect better things from Pakatan Rakyat's politicians. We know that they need the patience of Job to endure the endless taunts and harassment's from Umno youth, Perkasa and all the other forces align with the Umno led BN factions...but that was why the people gave their votes to the opposition in the last election....because they want something better...and is that not what DAP have been telling us? That they are the better option to Umno? 

So please lah DAP....tell Rayner to grow up and start behaving like one.  

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