Tuesday, 13 May 2014

This guy is a Chinese, is a Chinese, is a Chinese!

Ridhuan Tee is a Chinese, is a Chinese and is a Chinese! There are no two ways about it – he looks like a Chinese, he has Chinese blood in him and he has a Chinese penis…though he might have had it circumcised….but there are other Chinese who have also circumcised their penis…so no big deal there!

He claims to be a Muslim…well there are other Chinese who are also Muslim too…long before he became again no big deal there! I would really love to be able to get into his head and see how his mind works…but I have my theory.

Here is this guy who is already in the good books of the ruling party…so why not milk it for what it is worth…he is just doing what any self-opinionated, live in the moment opportunist will do to earn a decent living and make hay while the sun shine….so go easy on him guys….dia ‘cari makan’ aja.

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